Hurling Championship 2018


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Overall the minster championship has double the attendance I think, not surprising with all the extra games.


Interesting read, should have a highlights show.


Just lacking a little bit of quality. An in form Dillon might have been the difference.


The overall coverage is desperate. We still do not market our product right


Given all the extra games that isn’t great.


Just look at limericks rise, they were no great shakes not too long ago


Works both ways, not so or die will never pull in as big a crowd, but stadia looked well attended from what I saw.

Come to think of it, That might not have been with the full schedule played.


That is a contender for quote of the decade!!!


As a published writer ( well 2 letters in the Irish times) it’s a sentence I thought I never write.


Watching the highlights of Clare v Galway. Hard to believe galway were 1-07 to 0-01 ahead. Best game i’ve Seen Tony Kelly play in ages. Any word on canning & McInherheny’s injuries?


Ah sure look at the Cork crowd that turned up for that semi-final, about two thirds of the 70,000 not counting neutrals. Where were all them in Munster? They rolled up because of the hype, because they expected to win.

At least Clare bring a massive crowd when they’re going well, unlike Galway for example. This is the sort of stuff people used to level at Dublin.


I don’t think you can apply luck to things that are done by skill (or lack of skill). Connelly used possession so well because he can. The Kerry keeper didn’t make the save on Kev’s goal because he couldn’t.

The one area of luck that I would ascribe to the game was that McMenamin’s double hop happened at the one time and the one place where the refs back was to him. If that was caught, we would have lost the game


Great picture of a great moment in the game


Tipp mgt stand down.


Didn’t take long for things to completely collapse after the '16 AI win.


Ah now in fairness, they make an easy punching bag sometimes, but only for a piece of Joe Canning razzle dazzle magic, they may well have beaten Galway last year. And if they did, I would have fancied their chances against Wahthurfud in the AI final.


Fair enough but they only won three of the last 9 championship matches… Westmeath, a crumbling Dublin and Clare. Frankly they lack bottle. Contenders? Bonnar? Tommy Dunne? Brendan Cummins? Cahill?


Did ya forget the bit where some of the panel were sharing their better half’s , they know how to party in Tipp :joy: