Hurling Championship 2018


It’s got it all for you.


Shane Dowling had some impact when he came in, is he just back from injury or something, carrying a fair bit of timber.


It was only announced around half 10 this morning that tickets would be on general to public at 11. Indications yesterday were that clubs would receive tickets first.


Yes but they didn’t. They should have waited to see how yesterday’s game went. No reason the replay couldn’t be in Croke Park on the Monday if they hadn’t jumped the shark long before they had to.


I think with Na Piarsaigh going well probably cost him starting spot in early championship. He started against Waterford or Clare when Gillane was suspended. Probably doesn’t have a full 70 minutes. What a player to bring on. He could well start ahead of Flanagan who faded in last couple games.


It’s always Clare. They normally get a poor enough crowd to any game, unless it becomes a big game - and then they all whinge about not being able to go.


Plenty of counties like that. We’re not immune either. Doesn’t mean they’re wrong. The issue here is that club members could not access tickets through their clubs despite being told they would be able to.


Bottomline is if they were officially told they would, they are right. Like kildare in the newbridge or nowhere stance


Some very fair points!
The hurling snobs have always been there, but in my opinion hurling is now winning over the neutral or the general GAA fan because of 1-the drama, thrilling excitement hurling offers & 2- because of how dull football has become…

On a separate note, i dont know so asking, is football still pulling in greater attendances on average?
Wait until you see when our dublin championship starts back, football will have much bigger numbers


Same as 1961!


And to put the tin hat on it the first announcement on the GAA’s Twitter that tickets were being put on general sale online went up about 4.30 p.m., at which point all tickets were gone. There may be some left. Who knows? But it’s another shambles in a summer of cock ups.


In relation to so-called snobbery, hurling people are entitled to have a pain in our collective hole, watching our best dual players picking football. The odd time, we let fly! It is entirely understandable!


Whats the deal there ?
A similar scenario ?


Crazy considering football is so horrible a spectacle now :joy:


Methinks football is being harshly reviewed here. Sure the hurling has been brilliant this year but it’s not always the case by any means.


I was joking !


On attendances there was some moaning that the round Robin in Munster was hitting attendances, and the quarter finals had few at them.
Years end it may end up being around the usual. You really need a few croke park replays esp all.Ireland finals to bump it


Wow - didn’t know you were a hurling man.


Usual rush to extremes, it was only recently they were complaining about sweepers and structures ruining hurling.

Plus you can’t compare football and hurling, one puck can put the sliotar anywhere on the pitch.


And as incredible as a weekend of hurling there are still only 2 provinces that take it seriously, cant imagine monaghan ,Tyrone, mayo etc deciding "fook this football malarkey, its hurling we should be concentrating on.