Hurling Championship 2018


Unreal. To be fair he did disallow the goal. Missed that in real time.


Sadly true. They’re no great shakes at all. Even Reid is quiet enough from play these days. Missing hogan badly.


This calls out the bullshit and lies written about Kilkenny. They have 7 decent hurlers and 8 passengers. Nothing to fear.


Steps? :roll_eyes:


2 points from play in 75 minutes.


We got near to beating a KK team as I said on the day with 7/8 championship newcomers. When have KK ever had that before?. They are not gone and are building again possibly…We built it up like it was the great KK team we got close to beating. It wasn’t.
KK scored 3/4 from play today.


Building but a long way to go to get back close to their best. If Galway beat Wexford next week, they’ll be through by the time they meet us, gives us a chance?


Galway will beat Wexford well.


Gives us a chance of beating Galway, but because of today it probably won’t be enough. The best we could do is finish level with either Kilkenny or Wexford, both of whom has beaten us so would qualify ahead of us. I can’t see anyway through now unless Wex beat Galway.


I don’t think we did build it up that much, but in the context of 2018 we should have beaten the league champions. considering we took a hammering from Offaly in the league that seemed like a big step up. Looks now like the league flattered kilkenny. Probably fair to say a lot of teams weren’t pushing too hard in the league, which I think will lead to the two competitions being merged ultimately.


Galway should beat wexford which means we will be out as even if we get 4 points it will be on head to head with wex or kk where we lose out.


I think we are hosed unless Galway lose their last two games ( one of them to us )


Can’t see that happening, really shouldn’t lose either.


Clare scored 2-27 against Waterford :hushed:


I don’t think we overly built it up. I dont think anyone thought we were within a point or two of the great Kilkenny team of all time. That would have put us as probably the second greatest team of all time! We nearly beat a good div 1 team, that’s what it was and it was as good enough for me considering the last few years. Still, a win would have been better…


But my point is that this championship setup allows for a big performance and a win and you end up no where…it’s just too much like a league for my liking… we should have and could have beaten Kk but whether they are league champs or not they are a shadow of their former selves.

We can’t keep comparing to years gone by because it’s a hugely different setup. Normally after two losses no matter close or far we would be gone. I’m just not happy thinking that beating Offaly is the sign of a successful first year in the type of format that it is. Had we won one of the other two then yes I’d see it as progress.

I will say however imo that year 2 is going to be defining for this management team. Moral victories and great performances will need to be turned into results soon. And that’s the great thing about a forum like this, it’s only an opinion.


Ah, I think there is progress, but as you say, it’s great to have a forum where we can have our opinions. We were being hockied by the big teams last year and now we are close. Are we where we all want to be? No, but we are closer.

I think next year will be very important in our minds, and I agree with you, it is important. But I don’t think success or failure will impact on the management. My understanding is that in 2009 after the ‘startled earwigs’ game, Gilroy went to the DCC and said he wanted (and he got) an extra year on top of the one he had left as he realized the job was bigger then he thought.

So if next year goes badly, I think it could result in a similar extension. The stated aim is to make us top 4, and I think he will do this. I know there was a lot of low hanging fruit this year that was easily enough fixed, but if there is anything like this years improvements next year. We will be grand. And after seeing the 21s yesterday I have no particular worries about the short term.

I was quiet worried after the league, but much less so now.


Heard abit of chirping about a contentious free given to tip , hawk eye been an issue .
Funny that :smirk:


It is actually outrageous that Tipperary hosted Cork in Thurles in both senior championships this weekend and there was no double header. It is an absolutely disgraceful way to treat fans. I was in Wexford last Sunday and Portlaoise today but if Dublin were playing Offaly in Tullamore in both codes and one was Saturday and one on Sunday I would be apoplectic. Both Tipp and Cork have terrible support for their football teams. With shite like this allowed to happen is it any wonder?


Strange one alright.