Hurling Championship 2018


see my reply to our precious poster below/above. The GAA has done nothing to promote hurling outside of the core counties since 1884. The hurling counties then are the hurling counties now. You can get a Connaught Championship Medal in Set Dancing, but you cant in Hurling.


I mean there’s gibberish and then there’s that…

Even allowing for the fact that you actually believe the GAA keep certain teams away from Liam McCarthy you went and lost any credibility to me with your last statement. How do you know how often I go to games?
Would you put money on it that I have never represented Dublin in hurling? I suppose it would rule me out of been Marty Morrisey wouldn’t it.

The pros and cons of the sweeper system are argued as an effective tactic to use in a game. We debate weather we have a better chance of winning by using it or not. We don’t believe, or at least I haven’t read anyone say, that it is ruining the game like the defensive game and “keep ball” in football.

And no, I don’t wonder what happened to Antrim because I couldn’t give a shite about Antrim. Nor do I care about the Connaught championship. I mean have Sligo or Mayo got a serious hurling side there and they are not aloud compete because they aren’t in the elite group? You asked me if I remember the 90s, well do you? Cause Galway won a handful of those precious and coveted Connaught championships.

No need to flash the FODH badge mate as exclusive as it is an all that.

Take off the tin foil hat there with your elitist shite.
In your initial posts you said dozens of weaker counties were shafted, you do realize dozens means 12 yes? So was that just thrown in there to hype up your inaccurate post?

The people who live in Kilkenny and Tipp were sick of their teams reaching the All Ireland finals? Have I read that right?

What started out as a debate about football and hurling as a spectacle has taking a swift left somewhere along the road and ended up with you claiming there is a conspiracy out there in hurling to stop certain teams winning the All ireland. Is the earth flat too?

The only thing that stops teams from winning an all ireland is themselves, I include Dublin in that.


So after claiming The GAA keep certain teams from winning the All Ireland, you then write in the Liam Miller thread…

“ Soccer in ireland is a disaster zone and always has been, it is genuinely corrupt and bent in a way the GAA never has been”


I think you need to chill out.

I stand over everything I have said. Every thing I have said can be backed up and there is nothing new in what I have said.

Maybe you think I am saying that the GAA have “corruptly” stopped teams outside of the “traditional” counties from contesting in the all ireland, but I didnt. What I have said is that the game has not developed outside of those counties to any great degree. I never said it was a conspiracy, thats just your take on it. Its just a fact. How many teams can enter the Liam McCarthy next year? Those who cannot have effectivley been sidelined.

Well, thats the difference between us I suppose. I do care.

You didnt read it right. I said that people were fed up with them always meeting. It was a fact that for the last two finals in which they met you could wander down to Lar NaPhairc on the day before and get tickets. It is also a fact that lads were stuck with tickets in the pubs on the day (my own BIL included with 6 :rofl:).

I am not wearing a tin foil hat, I dont see why what I have said would provoke such an extreme reaction TBH.

My point is simply that these things come and go, and that there will again be a time when people will be fed up with the big three in hurling dominating and will regard the football as a better compitition. It doesnt mean that one is better or bigger than the other. That is just the cycle.


Teams who cant enter the All Ireland for sure cannot win it. There are two ways to solve that - develop those counties or exclude them. To shrug the shoulders and say that’s how its always been is not a good mindset. This is why I think there should be seperate hurling and Football boards at a national level. Outside of athletics i cant think of any sport which promotes more than one game (there’s probably some) as surely that brings the sort of conflicts we see today.


There’s evidence to suggest Galway could dominate over the next few years . The semi finals might have been judged very differently if Clare hadn’t changed their game plan . Galway were up 9 points at one stage . And Cork were up by 6 with 10 minutes to go . They could have been very standard wins . You wouldn’t see a big swing like that in football . That’s why we get all this guff about hurling been a great spectacle . Because you can very easily claw back a lead .Much more difficult in football to do that , teams just shut up shop .
By the way , i really enjoyed both games . But there are obvious reasons why they are so exciting .


And obvious reasons are what makes it obvious why hurling is a more exciting sport than football in my opinion and that is all I was trying to say.


Fully agree. Football is great when there’s only a few points in it . But when one team decides to close ranks with about a 4 or 5 points up , it lets itself down. But , we are where we are . You could blame the other team for allowing it to happen .
Had the Dublin Donegal game been a knock out game , Donegal would certainly have put more pressure on us to cause a turnover .


He sounds like something from that sketch “Rory’s Stories”


I get you, they’ve made a few half-hearted efforts. Pity they can’t seem to make a sustained effort.


They also badly neglect Scór in Dublin IMO


And rounders


Thanks be to God. I would go full ewan if a financially doped Dublin won the set or drama ahead of my club.

(It already happens with clubs basically buying in the local dance school or amature dramatic society which pisses me off no end)


Clare clubs asked members to send in their ticket requests yesterday. Told today no tickets going to clubs ALL tickets are on sale to the general public. Seriously. Why be a member of a club at all?

GAA would want to get its act together. The new Director General has presided over a summer of disasters.


It won’t be a sell out so buy them in the bloody Centra. Club members don’t need their hand held all the time. GAA already have their plate full this weekend. More first world problems … stop whining man.


Current wait time on is 55 minutes. 5,000 people in the queue! It is reporting no stand tickets available. Stories of people spending over an hour in queues in local Centras.

The GAA have had their hands full all summer and they’re making a balls of it.


It’s better than 5,000 people in a queue in Dorset St. It’s Monday - more fake news and scaremongering. Who told you all that - Joe Duffy?

GAA doing a great job - don’t let the disaffected Twitter twats with their anti-GAA bias cloud your clear thinking.




Good man.


its the way we live today.