Hurling Championship 2018


Who says I can’t get excited? Ageist! I just prefer football as a game. I watch and enjoy lots of sports. Though the hand-passing epidemic has spoiled it somewhat. At least you cant handpass the ball to the net these days. Bomber Liston became a legend on the basis of how many goals he got, many of which were thrown in. He could have gone in for the Olympic Field Events.

And sure lookit, if football had as few rules about tackling and fouling as hurling is allowed get away with it might be a much more flowing game too.

Btw has anyone got a link to recordings or proper highlights of the two hurling semi-finals? It seems that the companies involved in broadcasting have done serious homework on stopping anyone watching anything at all for free.


He’s brilliant. He commentates like he’s still playing and wanting every ball in his hand. Lots of genuine emotion, not hype.


Was driving back from Limerick listening to him. Think some of it is a bit contrived but an enjoyable listen all the same.


Rushe should have seen red but the referee had done the damage at that stage. Rushe lost his patience. Cork were repeatedly fouling Dublin, the referee let some of these go and on others, never looked like giving yellow cards for repeated fouling.
I know this sounds like I’m looking through blue-tinted glasses but that would be my recollection right now.


Limerick’s finish to the game was devastating, the third goal was one of the best I’ve seen. In fairness on a rewatch the standard of both games was very high, the points scored in the Galway-Clare match were outrageous.


The organization that runs them is one, the fact that they both play 15 aside is another. That they play for their counties in their provinces as a championship is another one. Positions are the same i.e “full forward, corner back etc…” scoring system is the same. Not exactly rugby and hockey to be fair.

It’s no surprise footballing purists are trying to distance themselves from the hurling comparison in this day and age.


the hurling year we are having is actually serendipity caused by a late knee jerk reaction by the GAA to the changed football championship. If this had been a normal hurling year 80% of these great games would not have happened, what changed matters was the round robin in Munster. Had it been a normal munster championship we’d be right back to last year, dont remember people lauding last year as being great, so hardly this day and age.


Serious question, Do you honestly believe people would compare hurling and football if they were not both under GAA. I mean people compare soccer and football often and I can see the logic or even with basketball and Rugger.
I would compare hurling to hockey before I would compare it to football. Where is the logic in saying one is better than the other if they are as different as chalk and cheese. IMO due to the fact that both are GAA sports many members try both or watch both so there is a tendency to compare but if they were from different organizations far fewer would experience both and would never really associate one with the other


TBH - and i am a broken record in saying this - the GAA has consistantly failed hurling during the time of its existance. There should be a GAA and under it a National Football Board and a National Hurling Board.

I think even having the same number of players, positions, scores and goal posts for football and hurling is illogical.


Hats off to the GAA for giving us more hurling so.

You could do what you want to the football championship and as a spectacle it would still be dier until we get a half decent All ireland Semi final. It is only going to get worse as I see it. This latest tactic of “keep ball” that we see with 15 mins to go is worrying.


Agree 100% have been calling out for more meaningful games for years. It’s not matches that are the issue, it is wrapping lads up in cotton wool and endless training that is the issue. There were lots of good games in Leinster as well as Munster. Remains to be seen what they do now, replacing offaly with a weaker county will dilute the standard, really ought to be a playoff between the bottom of Liam Mc and best of McDonagh.


Often times (especially at underage) it’s even the same players. Jesus! it’s an obvious comparison to make.

But really we are ignoring the real question. Who would win in a fight between a polar bear and a hippo?


As I said due to the fact that both are played under the same organizations in the same clubs, loads of lads play both, hence the comparisons, very little to do with similarities between the games thenselves. No such comparisons would be made if they were not GAA games IMO. Why not compare football with shinty?


its not as if Hurling has had its keep ball and defensive systems in the past few years. what is really driving hurling this year is the demise of the big three - the last time that happened was in the 90’s and it didnt last long then either.

dont forget that people were so fed up with KK/Tipp finals that you literally couldnt give away tickets for their matches towards the end. hurling was stale and going nowhere, meanwhile everyone was lauding the fact that so many teams could win the football. That was only five years ago. Unlike football Hurling has become “amazing” by shafting dozens of counties and doing all it can to preserve the elite of its sport. So you have the bottom team in leinster getting the boot and the bottom team in Munster only having to suffer a very unlikely play off with Kerry, whom I’m sure they’d be shitting themselves about, to stay in the liam.

Next year Dublin and Kerry should be in the same super 8 group. Next year a lot of tema sin the hurling who were caught nappign by the new system will be wiser and - whisper it - you may see a resurgence of waterford/wexford defensive hurling…


Cork has lost 6/7 last games in Croke Park. That 2013 game was their only win. :slightly_frowning_face:




This is getting more Jim Corr-esque as it goes on …

Hurling lads . MMA with sticks.


All if, buts and maybes…

I think it would have been a snap and grab victory tbh if we did get over the line that year.

Daly stayed on for another year and his errors still remained as in he played the same players all the time and used his reliables and didn’t really focus on the future so even if we’d won it in 2013 it wouldn’t have made a huge difference IMO in that we’d suddenly become consistent contenders for Liam.


Hurling “keep ball” and defensive systems? Give me a break. Are you really comparing the two under those headings. Dublin and Kerry in the same group next year and what? It’s still only one decent game in the season weather that’s the final, semi final, or whatever. It’s even debatable if it would be a good game at all, Dublin would wipe the floor with them this year I believe.

The weaker counties are shafted in hurling? Another bizarre statement. There is relegation and promotion in the sport that’s all it is.

What elite are being protected? Who are these elites? Think about the same in football before you answer to save me having to write a boring counter argument.

What people were fed up with KK Tipp games? You? I wish you had of given me a shout when these tickets were been given away I’d have taken the hand off you.

Even if there was a Dublin-esque team in hurling like Kilkenny were for many a year, it was still far more enthralling a season than its football counterpart. We still had the ultra competitive Munster championship and more recently with Galway in Leinster we have 2 excellent provincial championships every year.

There’s no need to be sore about the success of the hurling championship this year. Will we speak about the elephant in the room or leave him well enough alone? The elephant in the room being Dublin are actually protagonists of the latest fad that makes the games even more dier a spectacle than it already is. I’m fine with Win at all costs as long as it’s us winning but let’s not pretend it’s not detracting from the game.

Ultimately it will come down to taste. I prefer hurling and you prefer football, the end.


well, theres a lot of assumptions there.

you saying that there hasn’t been acres of negative coverage about the sweeper system in hurling over the past few years - including about our own use of it?

The weaker counties are shafted in hurling and always have been. You may remember when Offaly were relegated to Division 2 hurling and there was an outcry and the leages were re-aligned. You may look at how teams are kept well away from the Liam Mcarthy. You may wonder about the existance of the Connaught Hurling Championship. You may wonder what has happened to Antrim. You may wonder why there is a Big three in Hurling. How is it that Galway are defending a championship since the 80’s? Limerick looking at their first in four decades? How is it that Galway have to be incorporated into the Leinster Championship? How is it that Fingal hurling was dismantled to pay for Offaly’s ground debt? How about the attitude towards Dublins effrots to get in amounst the elite?

if you dont belive that there is a “traditional/Elite” in hurling who will do all they can to stay just that you must be Marty Morressey. Sorry if a long reply bores you.

one swallow does not make a summer. do you remember the 90’s? the golden age of hurling? Lasted 4 years.

the people who live there - and its a pity you didnt read my posts about it at the time as you could have gotten your tickets. Hard luck.

that is a matter of opinion. nobody was saying this about dublin before the donegal game. We have had since 2013 some of the greatest games involving our footballers apparently.

I actually prefer Hurling, have posted here several times that I’d prefer a liam to a sam. Have moaned about how the hurlers were treated in 2013 and how their not being at merrion square was a disgrace, am a paid up member of FODH and have been since it started and travel a hell of a lot more to see our hurlers play than you ever will.