Hurling Championship 2018


I’ve always said we have two sports as good (imo better) then any sport out there, but they are hamgstrung by a dysfunctional season structure.

Every other sport on the planet pits the best teams against each other on a regular basis (in a basically fair system). We ‘re improving but with a few big tweaks to go till we have a season which will transform hurling & football.




Just thinking about Cork here & it brought me back to 2013 .What’s the opinion of the hurlers here on the '13 semi . Remember us been incredibly unlucky with O’Dywers red card & i think a late goal for Cork . However , Cork havnt been able to get back into a final since .
Had we beaten Cork , did folk believe we might have beaten Clare.And if we had of won that AI would Dublin hurling be in a completly different situation now . Would Daly have stayed on , would a few of our dual players stayed with the hurlers. A lot of what might have been decided by one result .Just like the '11 win for the footballers changed everything there .


THats save by Quaid was ridiculous


Great games both days, but just dont get the comparing football and hurling,if both were not under the GAA nobody would compare them, its a bit like comparing rugger and hockey, simply no relation between the two games barring the organization that runs them.


Interesting to see o’grady analyse limericks puck out strategy, they looked unusual on tv, right over a runner into the corner almost. Nice tactic, given our issues wining puck outs at times, something we should borrow to use from time to time.


Yes agree with that. It’s like saying darts is better than snooker.
I really enjoyed the weekend of hurling but I wish the ‘hurling is the best sport in the world’ cheerleaders would give it a rest.


Didn’t he walk for 2 yellows?, can’t remember which one but one of them was never a yellow. That said I think there was an incident later in the game (possibly Rushe memory a bit hazy) where we got away with one and lucky not to see red, The point being is still valid that we were one big result away from changing the fortunes of hurling in Dublin for the next few years,


Brilliant excitement and some great scores in both games coupled with some dreadful wides. While I enjoyed free flowing high scoring match the lack of marking blocks hooks was v evident. Teams dont cut through for goals like kk in their pomp either


I meant as culmination of the two yellow.


We always said when kilkenny came back to the pack that hurling would be brilliant as underage is so competitive. Thank god they finally fell back. Standard might be mixed but it’s great craic.


I reckon they call it wristy because of the w**kfest going on this weekend. :smirk:

That aside … an incredible weekend for hurling. I think the standard is down on what Kk were a decade ago but the fact that so many teams have a chance makes the c’ship awesome. When we come back to the pack like Kk in 5 years time in the football it will take off too …


Great minds think alike …


I prefer Fools seldom differ…


Wasn’t questioning you at all, merely making sure my facts were correct, and while I’m at it, it was the first yellow that wasn’t even a free never mind yellow.


I’d have to bow to your expertise there … :grin:


Ah , i know what ya meant :wink::vulcan_salute:


Yes to all your questions


There you have it. I prefer football, no stick, just man/woman and ball(s)


If you can’t get excited about Hurling (especially this year) then you’ve never played it or you have a problem watching and understanding the fastest most skillful game ever played on grass on the planet to this point. I’ll leave you where you are so.
I suppose I’m lucky. I love Football too.