Hurling Championship 2018


Best second half of hurling I’ve seen in a long time. Thoroughly enjoyable


2 subs made in injury time and go to Hawkeye and he adds on no extra time. Crazy. He was delighted it was a draw I’d say.


Pitch in Galway in bits. Ed Sheeran two weeks ago appears to have ruined it.


FREe? :roll_eyes:


First ever Leinster championship match in Galway and the pitch is a disgrace :roll_eyes:

Poor Galway shooting if keeping kilkenny in this.

Red letting kk away with a lot of borderline tackling.


Ref and Galway shooting doing better now.


KK were there for the taking two weeks ago :flushed:


Then Galway give away a stupid penalty.


You mean fouling and dirt. At least 4 Galway frees not given.


Horgan is a shit referee. I always believe that subconsciously, referees from the top three favour counties in the top three.


It’s all a bit flat


Well he’s letting KK back into this.


No free. Stood his ground. Was not moving forward. Horgan is biased.


Agree seems to let kilkenny forwards leave the arm in the tackle but pings Galway if they do the same. All in all he is far too whistle happy.


No KK scores from play since half time and 23 minutes of the second half gone. If Reid gets hurt they’re in serious trouble.


He really didn’t want to give that Free to Galway


No idea how they won the league


Padraig mannion has been brilliant


Still no score from play for KK in the second half. Forwards just aren’t there.

Makes our loss all the harder to take. We had them!!


No card for Walter there.