Hurling Championship 2016


What kind of nonsense is this? What about Diarmuid O’Sullivan as current cork selector? or Mark Landers as Minor team manager? But sure don’t let obvious facts get in the way of a good rant.


Why do we not have a team in the intermediate grade? To minimise club disruption?


Basically yes. Lack of interest amongst players as well. Fingal are a kind of replacement for it.


So how do people see the Qtr finals going? I fancy Galway to beat Clare, if Galway have anything about them this year, and although Watford must be warm favourites against The Pickers, I think a shock could be on the cards.


Clare have hit some serious wides last few games if they get that right plus stop fancying about and get ball into a dangerous full forward line they’ll beat Galway by a few

Wexford have it in them to givecwaterford a go but I fear a backlash for them, Waterford again like Clare need to realise how good they are and stop acting the fools with this sweeper.


Are Waterford all that good? Not so sure. We beat them quite easily earlier in the year


Seems Kevin O 'Donovan got in touch with John Costello to talk about our structure .


Yet CCC (Cork County Board that is) member Ger Lane reckons all that was in circulation previously…

Fair play to O’Donovan for putting his head on the block and challenging Chairman Frank.


Interesting stats about tipp v Waterford


So in contacting Costello he is ‘putting his head on the block and is challenging Frank’!!!
I presume you just made this up??


I can’t see it happening myself but if Wexford beat Waterford and then if Clare win (which I can see happening) does that mean there will be a draw for the semi-finals or is it already predetermined so then it would be
Kilkenny vs Wexford
Tipperary vs Clare


It’s an expression Charles, relaxez vous.

Not before time that Cork tried to get their house in order but I reckon it will still be a long drawn out process.


I thought they were on the mend already, won u15, 16 and 17 last summer, be careful what you wish for! … but yea, will take time to effect senior level.

Funny how the media and public in this country equate a winning team to a game being healthy underage, and likewise, that a poor elite team must mean that everyone hates the sport - that is not the case except for the bandwagon fans.

For example - every time they talk about cork hurling on newstalk, someone texts in saying there’s no interest in hurling in cork city, the kids arent interested blah blah. They used to go on about munster rugby when it was successful way back, as if everyone had taken up the sport.

Living in Cork city, beside a park, i must see 100s of hurleys before you’d see a rugby ball, the only people with rugby balls are hipster student types who clearly haven’t a breeze how to throw the thing.

Go out to a beach in east cork and it’s the same thing.

Cork obviously need to sort out their structures but when they do, they will be hard to stop.


I think Galway will beat Clare unless they are in disarray, which is possible. But Clare aren’t far off that either, all things considered, the nat league notwithstanding. Galway have been consistently pretty good the last few years in championship (except the year they got murdered by us), whilst Clare have been consistently bad or mediocre except for 3 games in 2013.

If Waterford survive Wexford there might be a kick in them yet but either way neither of those is getting to the final. The winners of Galway and Clare, if the standard is high, have a very outside chance of taking Kk or Tipp but both will be well-preapred. It’s the most predictable championship in a era of massive predictability in terms of Kk’s dominance. If Kk beat Tipp in a titanic final it’s like 2009 all over again. If Tipp reach the final I feel they must win it in order to become the dominant team the next few years


Fingers crossed, it’s nothing serious. I know Davy has his detractors but we need characters like him in the game (albeit without the poor attitude he shows on a sideline).


Very poor stuff from Wexford so far.


Yea, Waterford wides keeping them in it, just. Another dour enough match involving Waterford.


This Waterford team won’t win anything with this brand of hurling.


Certainly not friends …


They’re playing KK the same day our minors play Limerick. I might not stay for it…