Hurling Championship 2016


In the interest of fairness and making some sort of game from it Clare should have to travel to Laois, they’ll murder them down in Ennis


Clare and Cork to progress this weekend.


I think Waterford will beat Tipp on Sunday. I think the 3 games against Clare will stand to them.

It’s going to be close but with no Bubbles and with Waterford’s system I think Tipp will find it hard to break them down.


It will definitely be a tight run thing but as you, Bubbles is a huge loss for Tipp.

Would expect Waterford to shade it alright


Normally you’d look forward to the Munster final but waterfords style of play these days makes for pretty grim viewing - hope it’s not as dull as i’m expecting.


I meant that maybe they play too much as individuals and don’t distribute possession well enough?


Waterford have yet to step up a level from “promising”/potential & “performances” to winning the bigger prizes/games. Beating Clare could have been the start of that this year but the way it panned out Clare were very poor, as much as Waterford were very good. I’ll hold off judgement about what Waterford can achieve until they start to get to the next level, which in hurling as we know is very difficult.

If they do beat Tipp in the M. Final it will be a sign they are going to the higher level, IMO.I do feel Tipp are somewhat in transition & with a fairly unproven coach which makes them vulnerable. They have been trying out a more defensively-minded system to combat the likes of Waterford, who are very well advanced in their system at this stage. That gives them a head start. They have also managed to develop it to the point they are getting more scores than before but I would still see them struggling against the top teams who have a bit more in the attack/scoring dept


For a man that went on about how important the league is for years you’re now dismissing Waterfords league win last year.

They are a young side and still improving. They will take all the beating this summer.


Agreed, I suppose I forgot their league win because they were poor enough in the following championship. So far this year they unluckily lost the Lg final, and then were very impressive Vs Clare, so the signs are certainly very good but I feel in hurling, the real indicators are still - win Munster, or beat Kk or Tipp.


Wexford beating cork… Beyond a disaster if cork were to lose this


For us or them?

It’s hard to watch knowing we’re out alright.


Wexford win by three against an absolutely muck Cork team. The worst Cork side I’ve ever seen. Makes last week all the more sickening.


Puts last Saturday in perspective.


We’d have won pulling up if we’d kept fifteen men on the park. Cork are in terrible, terrible trouble.


Honestly think we would have as well. Would have beat them outside cork imho.

Great result for Wexford though, fair play to them.


Angry that Wexford have dumped cork after we had what 12 to spare over them but lost out to cork! Also looking at Clare and Limerick there’s nothing I’d fearvthereceither.

Shot ourselves in the foot big time last week


From a non hurling fan why exactly are the Cork County Board getting most of the backlash from the hurlers failures . Ive read a bit about Frank Murphy and understand he is a relic . But I mean is this a cop out by the support by using him and the board as a scape goat for their failures . Does the buck not stop with the players / management . Are they so up their holes down there that it couldn’t possibly be that they aren’t all cracked up to be as they think they are ?


I think the main gripe is that resources are being spent on a new stadium while there has been a long term neglect of underage structures.


What he said!


Odd comment. Its obvious these Cork players have very little in the way of self-belief and self-confidence.

The problem is, and has always been, nearing two decades of complete incompetence at underage/schools level. Management is picking from players that have won barely any underage inter-county matches, nevermind won a Munster or an AI, players used to getting beaten by every other team in Munster. And rather than invest in underage, we are building a white elephant that will only be filled for Bruce Springsteen concerts, because no one in Cork will give a ■■■■ about GAA by the time the monstrosity is built.