Hurling Championship 2016


Limerick with three wides in a row so it’s now tipp 3-06 lim 0-12


Galway ended up winning 2-19 to 2-09


Tipp six up now, Limerick pretty poor tbh


Tipp 3-12 lim 1-16


Game over. Good win for tipp considering they were down to 14 after 14 mins.


Tipp and Kilkenny a long way ahead . Limerick never looked like winning even with an extra man .
Tipp have the best set of forwards. Could be their year
Limerick on a par with us I’m afraid


Yea watching Limerick today reminded me of Dublin in many ways. Lots of fumbling with the ball and getting blocked or hooked far to easy. Thought their full back had a mare of a game!


Armagh beat down in the Ulster semi final. Down GAA not going great.


Hurling qualifiers…just drawn

Wexford v Offaly

Westmeath v Limerick

Clare v Laois

Cork v Dublin

First teams out get home advantage.


Decent enough draw, think everybody wanted to avoid Clare, who look the best of a poor lot.


Jaysus! With PuiC out of action, PuiR will hardly be big enough to host this?


love the way they give the capacity for each stand but dont give a total … anyways, capacity seems a lot smaller when you are there.


Fine by me. We’ll find out where we are at. Cork are no great shakes. This is a must win in my view.


Nearly time we beat Cork in a championship match, never be a better chance, but still hard to know what way it will go!


Bookies have Cork 8/13. Hard one to call. Home advantage counts for a good bit - at least not being in PP does. Both teams were disappointing to say the least against the 2 AI favourites.


The worst call by an umpire of All time. Wexford score a goal from a penalty and all 3 officials miss it. Crazy


Christ almighty Clare 5-33 Laois 0-12 that sort of result should be illegal


That should have been in portlaoise soon as it was drawn, it wouldn’t have meant Laois winning but it most likely would have prevented that. Useless result for both teams


Do you honestly think the venue would have the slightest bit of difference??? 36 points, they could’ve played in Cheddars back garden with Laois having 25 men on the pitch, and Clare still would’ve hammered them


It might have helped cut down on that trimming. That game was never in question, what was the point in getting Laois to travel into Clare’s backyard? Any hope of at least 20 minutes worth of a game was gone she that game was in cusack park, pointless exercise Clare would have got more from an in house match between the panel