Hurling Championship 2016


Tipp will win Munster, Kilkenny will win Leinster, they’ll play each other in the final with Kilkenny winning handy in a boring game. Hurling championship just gets more and more dull each year.


Wouldn’t rule out Waterford at all.


If we could get danny and Peter kelly back playing, I’d nearly say we’d not be that far off anyone else we’ve seen so far.


Not going to happen unfortunately. Not this year anyway. which is a pity as you’re probably right.


Remains to be seen where kk are this year of course,


Clare brutal. The Davy/Donal dream is over, the league was flattery to deceive. Sad to say but I think that Clare squad will turn out to be the biggest waste of talent of all time. They should have got shut of Davy last year but the fact he had won them an All-I was like the perfect storm preventing the best things being done to nurture & develop the potential of that squad, they should have won 3 All-Is, I can’t see them winning another.

Waterford look good and will be there or there abouts but may just lack a small bit to win out. SHould be some Munster Final.
Overall the game was flat, and the attendance awful considering what was at stake, and the rivalry that had been building between the teams. The Munster hurling golden goose looks dead.


If Davy doesn’t go at the end of this year it will amount to the greatest waste of talent in history, even bigger than Limerick’s failure to capitalise on their three U21 wins.

One championship win in three years, vs Offaly, and no Munster final appearance in nine years now.

If they don’t beat one of KK/Galway/Tipp/Waterford and maybe even ourselves that’s a third year of total failure.

We’d be screaming for his head if we had that much talent being that badly mismanaged.


Jesus i didnt realise the record was that bad - Thats desperate. Dalo the next man in?


He’s been there already. Would they want him back? Would we?

But he might get it alright.


ref was furious with Clare goalie going in for half time - any idea what that was all about?


Apparently he asked for the ball for half time and the Clare keeper lashed it at him. Wasn’t happy at all.


thanks, he was absolutely raging all right


Tipp v Limerick today. Hope to Christ we don’t have a sweeper and get a good high scoring game. Limerick have thrown in a bunch of their recent u21s, hope they’re not beaten by half time. :confused:


Also Offaly v Galway … another one you’d hope isn’t over before the break.


Ah here, 2-00 to 0-02 to tipp after nine minutes.


Red for John o’dwyer for clear strike with the Hurley. 2-01 tipp 0-03 Limerick


Offaly lead by a point 1-07 to 1-06 at halftime but are down to 14 and against the wind in the second half.


Goal tipp 3-03 Lim 0-08


3-03 to 0-11 Limerick generally in charge but the goals killing them.


Half time in semple: tipp 3-5 lim 0-11

Galway 2-15 Offaly 2-9 red card for conor cooney