Hurling Championship 2016


It’s his father, not his uncle.

What you have is an entire county being subject to one man’s ego. And it looks like he’s going to go on. They’ve beaten Laois, Offaly and Limerick and no one else in three years of championship since 2013.

The really interesting question is what did Cusack bring to the party? Because absolutely nothing changed. If Donal Og has higher aspirations he needs to get out of there now.


He’ll never learn his lesson, or learn from his mistakes, because in his mind, he doesn’t make any mistakes. Any bad thing that befalls the Clare hurlers, is always someone elses fault, or down to “dark forces” within Clare who are out to “get him”.

That was was patently obvious to anyone who listened to the Newstalk interview, that was referenced in this great article.


Good match so far, Galway playing well.


The fact that the same questions are being asked, after 3 years of no progress, shows how insidious this has been, facilitated by the landmark successes and other factors I’ve mentioned above. It isn’t at all about Davy ‘learning’, it’s about the CCB not being able to (or willing?) learn & see the wood for the trees. Daly was a model to get back into that job but once 2013 happened it was slow-mo car-crash all the way. Daly would have dealt much better with 2013 ( probably wouldn’t have won that All-I anyway, which may have been better for them), and would have kept his squad much happier since then too. That’s just for starters.

But it’s also important to look at the freakish circumstance that was the 2013 hurling championship. Kk, Tipp & Galway all out. Limerick win a glorious Munster in a welter of hype and celebrate like no tomorrow. A very ordinary Cork team (by the standards of their and others’ best) come through the other side.

Clare have a brilliant coach in Kinnerk, and with little or no expectation on them run through a Cork team who lack in pace and haven’t seen these new tactics before on this scale. But they wear down Clare who lack in defensive experience or meanness & then only a freakishly brilliant score from an unlikely player in extra time of injury time saves Clare.

In the replay it looks like Cork did nothing about Clare’s tactics and just didn’t have the legs. Clare indeed have some brilliant players, the extra talent showed in the absence of anything special from Cork who threw everything they had into the first game. That’s my take on it anyway.

After winning 3 games of any major significance, a Clare team that had not won a significant senior title up to this point, nor really come close to doing so, were dramatic & glorious All-I champions and were shortly afterwards awarded “Team of the Year” in Irish sport. I won’t bore people with the inevitable comparisons in other sports in the same year.


Brilliant match, two great goals win it for tipp, that finish by bubbles was class.


Some terribly aimless balls into the forwards by both teams in last five. Good exciting game though - should be a good final.


Fair to say the top four have tightened up a lot but pulled away from the rest. We’ve a lot of work to do to compete at that level yet.


First semi-final perhaps a tiny bit higher standard but two great goals at such a juncture by Tipp, the finish for the first one was like schoolboy/girl dreams stuff.
Those two semi-finals have restored the reputation of hurling at this level in some ways.


Davy Fitzgerald to step down following a player’s meeting.


Probably the least surprising managerial change this year.


Like most managers that intense I would imagine it gets tiring very quickly.


Would not be shocked if Daly replaced him!


As Limerick’s hurling director no chance


Donal Moloney former u21 manager will be favourite to replace Davy


Davy could get Dublin job now? :sob:


Yea you could be right Stato82. Forgot about Maloney. He did great work with 21’s.


My prediction is Maloney and O Connor, previously minor and under 21 mgt in Clare who won loads of titles. Pity Paul Kinnerk has gone back to Limerick. He worked with them before and was the main reason Clare won in 2013.


Just hope they take the tactical straight jacket off, some quality forwards there.


After Davy’s health scare, I think hes destined for the Sunday Game. No more management.


Yep. They could do with pensioning off some of the Old Guard on the Sunday Game alright.