Hurling Championship 2016


Yep. Commentators said that the Hawkeye lad calls the ref if the the umpire makes a mistake. Umpire waved white flag, ball was pucked out and ref blew the whistle for Hawkeye.


They must be monitoring every point then on hawk eye regardless of it been a point or not ? But I mean how can it be a mistake , if hawk eye is the decider why are they umpires determining what’s a point & what is not :thinking:


Yep hawkeye monitors every point, and why do the umpires do it at all? Do you really want to wait 20/30 seconds after every score for hawkeye?


Obviously not but it was a big call in fairness due to the outcome .


Hawkeye monitors everything. If the umpire get the call right, there is no need for them to get publicly involved. But if the umpires get it wrong, the Hawkeye officials notify the ref and he calls for the Hawkeye judgement to be put up on the screen.


Don’t really know what was so big about it? The ball didn’t go over the bar, the score ultimately wasn’t awarded, what’s so big about that?


Brilliant from Waterford. thought we’d seen the end of Kilkenny but typical of them to get the goal.


waterford could/should have won that. Sat back and invited kk on. Paid the price.


If there was no hawk eye we wouldn’t be having this discussion and the umpire would have awarded the point and the ref wouldn’t have intervened .


Surprised to hear Waterford changed it up, didn’t think they would or could. Obviously took Kilkenny by surprise too.

Kilkenny get goals when they need them, remarkable.


And it would have been an injustice


Injustice that Waterford would have won ?


No, It wasn’t a point


Agreed just a pity that’s all.


A real shame, those wides and sitting back at the end were a killer. Great effort from them though. Made Kilkenny look pretty ordinary.


Would have been such a boost to the hurling championship. Instead it’s likely to be a tipp v kilkenny final


From the 54th minute to the 75th minute Waterford only scored 2 points, says it all really.


Incredible how many times Kk have escaped games like this, and when it’s a draw they have always won the replay.
Watford tired towards the end and missed 3 of the easier chances they got, unlucky with missing literally over the upright twice but should have made sure.
Kk were beaten if Watford had got a goal but never created a chance in the 2nd half, Kk full-backs still rule, just about.
Tipp will win this All-I.


It is incredible, you just bloody know they’re going to do it as well. Shows what Waterford are capable of when they go for it. Hopefully they’ll give up their dour sweeper system and just go for it from now on.


Gleeson had some game