Holiday tips and suggestions


I might go there next .Load of the Renaissance painters were from there ? Id say the place is wonderful for art .


Spectacular. And there’s a lot more to it than just that. Awesome city and environs. Go at least once a year. For a while it was three times a year! Highly recommended!


Funny enough I reckon it’s the craic. Some people have to come here before they realise they’re not living at all. Spend a few days in Belgium and you’ll fall back in love with here …


Good point , if ya want a gargle & a jig , pop over to Ireland :joy:


Ah lads, harsh, Belgium is great once you get them drinking beer with you. They’re contrary alright but I’ve had great times in Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent. Not so mad about Bruxelles. Fantastic architecture especially Bruges and Ghent. Wonderful galleries and bars in Antwerp.

Speaking of Bruxelles, still haven’t forgiven the poxes for confiscating my flag during All-I 2011 celebrations. Dublin institution me fookin hole


Nope he’s right, Belgians are a strange auld bunch of people, fierce little craic in them…



And you work in a bar :there :frowning:


Weird drinking culture, some people are happy to sit in a bar and lay 2.20 a bottle to drink water all night, others are as bad as the Irish when it comes to alcohol


Love going to Brussels, sneaky glass of beer when out shopping. Went over one year in December , Xmas markets brilliant in the square. What’s the name of the chocolate shop with the glass panel in the floor looking down to were sweets are made?


Nice dream! Either that or you found Willy Wonka’s…

Is it Leonidas Larry?