Didn’t see the match today but the team back then were hotties


They won the Euros on their home soil.


Already looking forward to bitters nasty article about it in the coming week. Perhaps a few tweets saying how can you cheer them in when there are homeless people sleeping rough in Dublin.

Actually, he’s done that one already.





He was carping about the hockey team, that was what someone called him.

Sour, bitter, angry = scorpy


Have said it before. If Begrudgery was an Olympic sport Spewan would be a multiple gold medal winner


Ooooh, good #dublinism there!


Yeah, and it’s at long last been copped onto on every social media place going. It reminds me of how Mayo fans have turned on David Brady, only a year later. It was fine when he his specialist subject was the dubs but now it’s everyone and everything and people are telling Houston we have a problem.


See Shane Ross has found €1.5 million down the back of the couch which he has announced will go towards ladies hockey, as a brass necked bandwagon jumper this fella would make CJ Haughey blush.


The money is for all Olympic sports, with hockey getting their portion!


When he comes begging for tickets for All Ireland finals, as he will even though he obviously detests “the gah” along with lots of other things that Irish people do, I hope he is told to take a running jump.

Nothing against hockey by the way, daughter played and is serious game, but that is not what Ross is about. State of him, I’d say he never played anything. Well he did but we shall not go there!


What was he saying now? let me guess, no one plays hockey, its not really an international sport moan mona whinge whinge?


No. His beef was with people describing the hockey ladies as being our first ever world champion team, if they went on to win their World Cup. He had a bee in his bonnet that former Irish world champions in individual sports (athletics, boxing & snooker) were being overlooked, or unfairly dismissed, or whatever. :roll_eyes:



give him time, he’ll come out with the minority sport thing in the year end round up.

The flip side of the coin is some sports reporter on newstalk this morning saying this will transform hockey from a minority sport in ireland to a mainstream sport blah, blah, blah… what is it about the irish sports media that they think a flash in the pan bandwagon = everyone wants to play a sport.


He’s moved on to hockey being an elitist sport for well helled and if you don’t go to a Hickey school you won’t get anywhere why should they get that money it’s the same as the rubgy etc etc etc.

Don’t give money to an elitist sport that hardly anyone plays and to be good you must a fee paying school?

But also don’t give money to Dublin GAA to provide free coaching gear and stuff to hundreds of primary schools in an effort to make it the most popular sport.

He can’t help but contradict himself.


It’s the heart beat of the nation.

Dwarf throwing would be heart beat of the nation for some people once it wasn’t Brian Fenton throwing the dwarf.

I like hockey - or “Protestant hurling” as one of uncles used to describe it - and fair play to the women involved. Big achievement. Not their fault that usual creatures try to use them to push other agendas.


Not many hickeys in them schools …


Better the devil you know…
Although in this case, given who you’re referencing, bitter is the devil we know.


Great achievement by these ladies, no doubt…but this really has been blow out of all proportions…the greatest Irish sporting team etc etc…just stop!!

Didn’t Harrington and McGinley win a Golf World Championship of some description…are they hence the greatest Irish sports team of all time (having actually won a WC)…the recency bias is off the charts!!