Now I’m completely torn. We have held the Dutch ladies team up on a pedestal here for so long. But I’m a patriot first! C’mon Ireland!


Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.


Yeah right :roll_eyes:


How come the semis are today and the final tomorrow? Blitz format or what?


Don’t mention the war!


Apparently Holland would not condescend to play us the last 3 years. in a friendly. Considered us not good enough. As kevin would say I would love it if we beat them.


Well if an American can follow the dubs in Gaelic football with such interest surely an Irishman can follow the bruins likewise :thinking:


Ireland has an Ice Hockey team. They play out of Belfast. A talented young hurler that I coached many yrs ago transferred codes and is now an international ice hockey player.


What does dub09 think of Torey Krug?


Is she the Dutch keeper - fine lassie if so!!!




He says she s a bit butch for him. Good goaltender though


Ireland getting hockeyed (Sorry!) in the final. 6-0 down at the start of 4th quarter. A great achievement nevertheless.


Pah. You posted my pun first.

Could never get into this game even though like everyone else i played it in secondary school.


Dutch womens sport on the rise. Their football team are dark horses for the world cup next year.


Absolutely no shame on them, beaten by technically the most talented team of professional athletes in the game. In fact, that would be one of Holland’s smallest victory margins too. This team have gone above and well beyond what they could have only dreamed of. I for one, am very proud of them all.


Wonder what ROCK had to say?


Why, was Deano there? :wink:


Dunno bout their soccer team but they’ve always been good at the hockey, they’re the kilkenny of women’s hockey winning 8 of the last 14 world championships or something ridiculous like that.


And they’re somewhat easy on the eye!

On the old site, we had a thread dedicated to their homage and appreciation of their skill sets… I miss that thread. Some of the photographic contributions were eye watering