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Now you tell me.


Oh shit, sorry, i thought it was your first…You’re fooked so :laughing::laughing:


I’ve two boys , oldest lad who is 6 was a dream, slept well as a baby, wouldn’t wake too early, eat his lunch and dinners and you can talk to him about stuff without him loosing his shit.

Younger lad is 4 - loose cannon , never slept well as a baby , would wake up early and there can be no talking to him. you could give out to him , beat him (not slap) till the cows came home and he would still be going off on one - hard as nails. Would eat what he wanted to eat. He still has his moments , but generally is ok now, would have spent time calming him down and talking to him and explaining (till i was blue in the face) on why he couldn’t do ABC or why he had to eat XYZ for his dinner.

Persevere, and remember they will be 18 soon.


And hopefully save up for a deposit on a house by 48


Fair play to you having a two year old at your age, that cant be easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

LiamMac cage works for mine but I had to get it extra secured for our youngest who is a climber. When the Misses is out Peppa does the trick keeping my lad quiet.


Mate of mine has a wee girl like that. She got a hold of sharpie and destroyed their 1800 euro white couch. It was ruined. She threw his iPad in the bath. He to is a broken man. Sleeps in the shed when the opportunity arises.


Cage all the way. What I do is put them in the cage and bolt it to the wall. Its a ■■■■ trying to feed them though.


White couch and a toddler???


With the candlestick in the billiard room.


So my original question still stands, has anybody seen any fire guards with “doors” that can be locked or at least child proof that she won’t climb on??


Bought before the knee trembler


Have ya checked these out



That’s the sort of thing I’m looking for, thanks for that.


Had one of those across the sunroom when we had our last two (Irish twins), they had it down after a week, and very easy to climb over.
Plus she’s got Mun blood in her @Rochey, she’ll have that open in a blink of an eye :sob::sob:


Well fcuk me … hope they never get scalded in your sauna … :flushed:


Think I might just use the original guard and add a hinge on one side and a lock on the other. though knowing that wagon, if I put a kryptonite lock on, she’d bite through it!!!


Cost me a fortune for one to go around the pool…And that was just the one indoors…


Presume your fire heats your water and home? If that’s not the case then you could put an artificial fire in for a year or two


ah thats nothing - my now 18 year old used to eat the plaster off the walls of a house we rented. I had to replaster and repaint it when leaving.

I personally think its apprpriate to shout at or to slap your child as a last resort if they refuse to obey you. That said, she is only two and they do grow out of that phase.

This all reminds me of the time my daughter punched me in the privates for no reason whatsoever in a shop only a few years ago. was talking to the shop keeper at the time and pretended (badly) that it hadnt happened but when we got out, it was stright into the car, gave her a bollocking, stright back home, into the f** king room and dont even f ***in think of coming out.

she hasnt punched me in the balls since!


Did your wife put her up to it?