Hi All!


Hi All!
I just learned about this website and have really enjoyed reading posts! I just joined the Wild Geese Football Club in Southern California. I love playing football (attempting to play) and may start camogie soon. I also watch all of the hurling and football I can get on GAAGO in the US. :heart:


Wait there, I’ll just get Clayton…

Oh and welcome :slight_smile:


Tell her about the puns Harry!


Ya, heard all about the ban on puns!


To clarify
I don’t ban them or delete them
I’m just not a fan of them


Got it!


it’s very important that you know that Dublin always win the world series in Gaelic Football


Wilkommen, bienvenu, bienvenido, Failte romhat isteach.


Howz she cuttin’?


Well, hopefully I can kick a home run or make a basket in training today.


Thank you!


All is well, thanks!


You’ll do well here !!! :rofl: