Healy rae says he would still fly if pilot had a few gargles on him


Wardes and Sam’s are as is O’Brien’s, Hanleys, The Shamrock, Gilliagn’s. I don’t know McGrath’s…maybe before my time or renamed.


Sam’s??? :grin:


Killen’s Bar at the bottom of the town between Centra Supermarket and the railway crossing. Also known as Sam’s bar.


McGraths was on main street - but has been a good while!!!


Since 1951?


and beside the undertakers!!!


Ha I dunno but Robert Hennelly’s uncle owns the bar.


Hope them two ould boys don’t go in there for a pint so … :open_mouth:


christ if you put the back suits and white shirts on the whinge brothers they would easily pass as apprentice undertakers…what smile free zones


Years ago a local publican used to collect beer barrels in the hearse, he would pass by and the back of the hearse would be full of barrels from the CIE yard after coming of the Guinness train.


those barrels smiled more than the ballintubber lads i reckon


A barrel of laughs they are not …