Have you ever met a Resser by chance?


was in coppers for a while and now O’Donoghues for the last few months


Did ya get sick of all the Belgian wafflin’ on?


Thing is when I was always getting a pint served by you I never knew if it was you or unbelievable always got mixed up. I’d try and say something witty but the words never came out.


Been home a good while now! Not for much longer though, heading to oz in 7 weeks!



Your getting a lot of mileage out of this boss :joy:


It’s all I have. 2 for the price of one.


Only ever been to Coppers once and that was a function. Don’t think I’ve ever been in O’Donoghues either. Mind you, I’m not a big drinker


ah 6ft is big harper


6 2 actually :wink: