Have you ever met a Resser by chance?


I thought I knew a Resser for years in real life, turns out that it was actually the brother of said resser.

True Story Bro.


August 2013. St Sylvester’s clubhouse hosted one of those 98FM Dub Hub radio shows, before the Kerry semi. Saw 2 Ressers in the audience. Recognized them from the orgy of Me & Sam pix, posted here & all over social meeja, when winning Sam was still a bit of a novelty. Can’t for the life of me remember who they were now. Didn’t talk to them.

Great night. Der Bomber was one of the wireless panelists. Full of even more shite in person, than he is in print & that takes some doing. And boy oh boy, was he cocky Kerry would win. :rofl:


Was standing beside Wasonthehill83, unsurprisingly on the Hill, for last years final. Only realised on here a couple of days later


We all met up a few years ago for the first res dubs match against the auld dubliners and then again a few years later for the south-side north-side match. A comment after the match in the dressing room was ‘cant wait to tell the misses i has having a shower with a load of blokes i met off the internet’.

See the odd few before a match and few afterward - who by that stage i don’t know who they are.


Met a bloke called Kidney once. Pure pox. Probably cork blood in him with a name like that.


Lower or Upper ??


Suppose for league its lower


Uppers or downers? Blues or yellows?


A boy walks into a butchers and asks for a pound of kidelies
Do you mean kidneys? asks the butcher. Boy: That’s what I said didelie?


Lower !


Not me then


How did that work out for him I wonder :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ve met you BlueWheels - my friend Mick blew my cover! :beers:


With friends like that :beer::beer:


I met @iomaint a couple of weeks ago but he had no idea it was me.


We’re you wearing the skirt again?


Was he waving half a foetus at you and shouting NO!


No you didn’t. We’re not allowed visitors!


I think you are confused?


Maybe I am. But are you??