Have things gone too far?


Technology addiction leading to porn addiction, desensitization, attachment disorder at home, dysregulation, lack of boundaries, sociopathy or psychopathy. Also possibly booze or coke in the mix. I am not trying to excuse what he did. Just suggesting a shape for it. He could just be a nasty little ■■■■■■■ who raped a girl, panicked and killed her, but that wouldn’t be ‘normal’ or neurotypical behaviour. My heart goes out to his parents but they are probably implicated somewhere in this too. Unless you believe that he was born a rapist-murderer.


Do you think that people can be just evil?

Regardless of other circumstances?


No. I believe a child can inherit a disposition towards sociopathy for example. How do you define evil?


Sociopathy a better word to use.

Is it possible to rehabilitate a sociopath ?


There is more of it about than you would think. The Wolf of Wall Street lurks at the top of many institutions. These conditions appear to be difficult to eradicate/cure from what I know.


I have seen kids come from loving homes, with caring parents, who bent over backwards to try and keep their kids on the straight and narrow, but their kids have just been bad eggs, sometimes through addiction, other times for no obvious reasons. While I agree, the vast majority of kids with nasty behavioural issues, didn’t lick it off the stones, there are cases out there of kids with nasty evil sides, with no apparent environmental influences.

This is an interesting debate lads. It could become emotive due to current news bulletins etc, but as a bloke who has spent a fair bit of time coaching kids through various ages, I have seen a huge amount of problematic kids turn good, and seen others turn bad. I’d be interested in other peoples experiences in this.


Back in the day it could even have been something like a very young pregnancy but I don’t think that would be enough to provoke such an act. Not even one young person say accusing/going to tell others about another yp of doing something very bad might be enough to provoke it these days as so much that used to be taboo in the past is now almost considered normal.


On the day we voted to amend the Constitution on abortion … a 13 year old boy is charged with the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl. No longer shackled by the Church, we still need to ask why. Urgently.


Removing the influence of organized religions is not a cure for all social ills. It may not even be a first step. There’s a much bigger battle to be fought.


Pure evil yes. Remember thoese two kids in Liverpool who kidnapped and killed the toddler (Buldger case).


No. There is a much bigger conversation to be had. Kids are lost. They need help. I am not saying this lad is not responsible for what he did but there is more to it than one bad egg.


These things have always happened but I would agree that in Ireland at least, the fall-out from the Church-dominated era has not been adequately filled by a well-balance alternative. On a wider field, societies like Ireland (very broadly speaking “western democracy”) are experiencing alot of turmoil and breakdown and transition.