Have things gone too far?


Just on that Rebus, let’s consider it. I say that about three quarters of TDs who were elected, said that they were not in favour of Water charges per se. You retort that it doesn’t really matter as you suggest that they didn’t mean it. They only said that to get elected. I think that if we are to believe you, then democracy is over. This is similar to the elites using the term ‘populist’ as a derogatory term. Is it not possible that candidates agreed with the electorate? Even if they didn’t, if three quarters of candidates who were eventually elected, said that they would not have water charges, then we should not have them.


You may not like them, or their policies. However, Fine Gael were rejected by the electorate, are now in government and are lap dogs for the elite. Homelessness, hospital waiting lists…etc…they don’t give a fiddlers. Look at Leo across the water, boasting about cronyism ffs! Fawning at the feet of that creep…being congratulated for having non-existent corporation tax…and you are angry about small parties who are not in government?


I’m not “angry” about the smaller parties in opposition. Indifferent if being honest. Whole water protest was tedious sideshow for many including myself.


I was replying to Alan! I thought the water protest was great. It reaffirmed my faith in the fact that people can still rise up. I’d love to see more of it.


It just showed me that there are some people who don’t want to pay for anything. Ever.


The problem is they don’t rise up. They were led by people who saw it as a chance to win votes. Where are the same people on other issues? Has there been a massive march about anything since? I would have thought a few quid for water would be peanuts compared to issues in the health service etc but they don’t seem all that interested in mobilising for that. Or anything else for that matter. Hard to understand why!


It all went downhill when they took the valves out of TV sets.

You knew where you were with valves.


Curious take on the largest party in the country. Might not have had the same scale of majority as the previous election but hardly rejected by the electorate.


They “rejected” them in that way recently people now seem to flip flop between the varying magnolias of FF and FG to somewhat majority level.
Paul Murphy and co. will always be limited in appeal, presence and ability.
In fairness though, you get these curve balls from both end of the spectrum…Christ above how did Shane Ross manage to become relevance to the balance of power.


The early part of this thread reminds me of the Yorkshiremen by Monty Python


Is it not the job of TDs and other reps etc to do what they need to do to have a mandate to make a difference, and ultimately at whatever level that means getting support/votes etc in order to get into a position where they have a role and as much influence as possible to implement what they believe in and what their party/whatever other grouping or electorate want them to do?
So for all the sagging off of politicos and related reps we do, (and like in any field there’s bad apples and corruption) is it not in fact the case that what we should really be giving out about is The System, whatever that actually is (our societal, legislative, security, public health, planning, housing, other public services, banking/other financial and admin etc systems as they are constituted and operate) **

**I left the legal system out of the above as they are a law unto themselves.
As are insurance companies, Senior bankers and Snr Medical Profs.
And Kerry footballers.


Sure their landslide previously was not repeated but that was never going to happen. But they’re still the biggest party so they weren’t “rejected by the Irish people”, not under any normal definition of the word rejected anyways.

If FG were rejected how would you describe labour’s fortunes? Or the shinners inability to grow significantly?


I was making my point to disagree with the suggestion that they were “rejected”…

People merely voted for the other side of the same coin. Most people would never entertain the thoughts of voting for likes of Paul Murphy and co…


Ah yea, agree. I as actually arguing with someone else’s terminology, not yours.



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One of those convicted of Jamie Bulger’s murder was convicted & “rehabilitated” & given a new identity.
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Described on news as a teenager. He is barely so at 13 - a child. How could such evil exist at that age. Mind blowing …