Happy Summer Memories from Childhood


Have no idea what his surname was… I just use to concentrate on playing it cool walking up to the door with the casual “Alright Bren !”… usually met with “not a chance” !!!


Nice part of the country there. Jim Gavin father is from the neighbouring parish Cooraclare. Jim does often be down there and is well regarded by the locals. He never forgot his roots.


86 is one of my favourite years for music
The Smiths
Lloyd Cole
Pet Shop Boys
The Housemartins
Beasties Boys
They were great times…


Like Marty Morrissey in the hairdressers…


Great spot. Great spirit there. Milltown for the Willy Clancy was probably the best festival I’ve ever been at, and that includes the Fleadh Cheoil in Tullamore with the curious incident of the Tree Surgeon, the bananas, and the Civil Defence in the A&E in the night.


Willie Clancy actually on this weekend. Haven’t been to that in years. Always great craic. Jim Gavin mother is from Moy which is just outside Milltown.


Wife is from milltown, willie Clancy week is great for the drink the music I can leave. Try listening to some oul goat from cork singing the extended 65 verses of revenge for skibereen and still say it’s all about the music.


So leave! And find out what’s good and where. I saw some magical sessions, and later on some really good covers bands in heaving old pubs when you get sick of diddley-eye. Something for everyone!


The Players bar is a good pub. Owned by Martin Flynn. He played for Clare in 92 against Dublin.


I m taking the piss calm down ( am serious about revenge for skibbereen though). You obviously gone native , they are fierce partisan about the music in West Clare.


Friels is the in laws local. Was only in the players twice I think in all the years I ve been. Played in a 5 a side with Martin or against him ( can t remember).


You were lucky to get away with the 95 verses…
I went native long ago but I’m doing well in therapy. I’ll never really be right again though, no matter how many All-Irelands we win…


We ? The banner or us? :sweat_smile:


Probably both as you were too well oiled to remember which team you were on at the time?


Was staying in Miltown Malbay on the night that Clare won Munster football in '92.

Great celebrations and met some of the team the following night in Spanish Point.


I’ll see your Milltown and Spanish Pt and raise you with a pair of Limerick and the Gaelic Grounds. I was getting the bus to Ennis that day, change in Limerick. The brother was engaged to an Ennis lass, I went down to join them the odd time.

There was an hour wait til the connecting bus so I decided to get a later connection and to head in to have a look at the game. My lasting memory apart from the result was the sight, at the final whistle, of so many hats, flags, plastic bottles and whatever else being flung in the air. Looking back on it, I really wish I’d have had the confidence to head out on the town to experience the celebrations. Though I suppose the biggest parties would have been down west.