Happy Summer Memories from Childhood


“Me mate wants to know will you dance with him”…Classic chat up lines…


Rounders, the most dangerous game known to man. We used to queue up behind the batter to await our turn at bat.
Problem was when the batter hit the ball they would throw the bat, hurl, racket behind them and 9 times out of 10 hit the person behind.
Remember an ambulance being called for one victim who got a nasty head wound.


“I came round the corner, and there they were sitting on the wall, wearing the face off one another”.


Jayus :hushed:


Jaysus is right, we were playing literally at the walls of Beaumont Hospital. Could have just lifted them over the wall and not bothered calling the ambulance.
In hindsight, making us queue 10 feet behind the batter wasnt the organizers finest hour.


Any relation to Bobs Family Entertainment in Skerries?


Ha! That’s text from that Kipling poem isn’t it? Somehow it reminds me of this:


Of course. How did you make the connection… I was the Head key swinger for a year or two


My brain works in weird ways. As you know.
I suppose a casino at a Fun Fair/Leisure Park and a Gaming place at the seaside aren’t such a far stretch of the imagination, it was the “Bob’s” that got me. I won a shocking yellow and purple teddy in one of the claw machines there long ago, christened it Bob, it got enslaved by the dog, no idea if it’s still in existence.


I had to look it up turns out it was from 1971 and the reader was some big American newscaster and it won loads of awards.

Yes, before “the red hot sound of sunshine” the station used to close at 9pm as Robbie Robertson wanted to impress the gov into getting a licence by saying it was a community radio station.

Can’t remember if Chris Carey left before or after that plan was abandoned to start Nova, or if sunshine going 24/7 was because of Nova.

This is early superpirate days, 1980-81. As said above they moved it till just before midnight when they went 24/7 and they had a great overnight DJ from midnight to 6, as did nova and the radio Dublins (there were two lol) nowadays it’s a computer which is poxy.


I was a Nova listener, only came to Sunshine when Nova got shut down. “Mix-tape” became a popular term and a clichee but back then everyone recorded heaps of stuff from the radio onto cassette (Disclaimer: Not me your honour!) because most people just couldn’t get access to enough tunes back then.


The summer of 86 was shite weather, Hurricane Charlie, and the start of the long cold winter of Meath domination. But it had some consolations…


I can remember occasions when they would have broadcast live from Tamongo’s so that would have been after 9pm.


Is that where the retarded gang goes?


Your sounding like someone that was stopped at the door by Brendan and have held a grudge ever since. :wink:


:smile: Ah Mick, look at how you spelled “Tamangos”


Ah ballix in anyways


Was his surname Lonergan?


Summer ‘86 gave us some shite music.
Boris effin’ Gardner “I wanna wake up with you”.


Yeah but that kind of crap was countered by classic hits like Lady in Red.