Happy Summer Memories from Childhood


Jaysus I’d completely forgotten those! And corned beef of course.


Corned beef! Jesus dudtnt we get them in national school along with cheese sambos and a current bun on Friday? Milk aswell. Bottles at first and then cartons. Corned beef had big lumps of jelly!


No social media.


The nearest we got to social media was chalk on the ground. Simpler times.


This thread is “happy memories” those sambos were NOT happy memories. :nauseated_face:


Monday Corned Beef
Tuesday Cheese
Wednesday Currant Bun
Thursday Corned Beef
Friday Jam

And everyday a bottle of milk that was never cold.
Followed by a lecture from Sister Aquinas on how lucky we were not to be in Africa.


Jam? Did you go to school on the Southside? No flecking jam in St. Philips The Apostle National School. Just jelly on a Friday with a bit of Corned Beef. Currant Buns where nice though with the cold milk in the winter.


We had a choice everyday, cheese or corned beef accompanied with your warmest carton of milk. Friday’s they threw in a bun too. When the caretaker would drop off the lunch (Lon as gaeilge) he got a heroes welcome. Jaysis yad swear we were starved at home :joy:


Jaysus … and you ended up in Belfast … :open_mouth:


And the milk handed to you by some little scrut with manky hands who would put some of his mank on to the top of the bottle, gaaaarrrgh. And yes we had jam on a friday too, and it was in the warzone known as St Malachy’s BNS.

The bun, of course, was the bomb!


The contrast of hard bread outside where the air had got at them and the warm soft sweaty cheese and butter inside.

The best of times.


Jam? Very high faluting.


It was the summer of 1974, the family had just got it’s 1st colour TV, I was just about in my teens and spending every possible minute watching the World Cup which the great German side of Beckenbauer, Muller, Breitner & Bonhof would win. I, however, was driving the folks mad going on about the sheer brilliance of the Dutch team with the likes of Neeskens, Haan, Rep, Rensenbrink and of course, probably the greatest player of that era, Johan Cruyff.

So a week after the final, in an effort to calm me down or get the Ma to stop nagging him for getting me football mad, the Da took me to Croker where I saw the Dubs for the 1st time and the noise, the colour, the passion of it all blew me away, I was transfixed and when I got home I told the Ma I had seen a player better then Cruyff, a man who plays for the club just up the road, (so of course he must know me), who’d score at least 20 and those scores were points, which the Da told me were harder to score than soccer goals as you had to keep the ball in the air longer. (The enthusiasm of youth, I was talking about Jimmy Keaveney who scored 5 that day). For years after that, I was often asked at home “Well did anyone get 20 today?”

Anyway, so began my adventure with the Dubs, one which continues to this day and hopefully for a long time to come… What a summer it turned out to be!!!


That was Our Lady of the Assumption School. Across the road from Drimnagh Castle.

The jam sandwiches weren’t up to much though. So much jam they were soggy.
They were delivered in in huge plastic bags & on a warm day accompanied by a swarm of bees.


Great story!


I can never recall getting jam sambos…


Me neither. Maybe Northsiders didn’t deserve jam?


Deffo jam in St Malachy’s, as @25AliveOh mentioned.


What part of Clare? Spent a lot of my youth down there. Great spot and plenty of great memories.


Jam sandwiches in the yard at lunchbreak in September, the fcuking wasps would only ate yeh.