Happy Summer Memories from Childhood


It explains a lot, in fairness. :rofl:


Somewhere between Lucan and Celbridge. The older dreathar got the use of an old cottage and the disused orchard through a mate, he was doing market gardening in Kinsealy and beside the airport, where we, the young grafters, worked for a fiver a day. Sold his produce and stuff got cheap at the city markets from the stall.
I always remember spring 82, working in the field/plastic tunnel killed with the heat, old battery wireless listening to the FA Cup Semifinal but there was a radar yoke spinning just beside the field, every time it turned the radio reception just whined or disappeared.
We used to cycle there from Raheny. One day a swarm of bees came. Deadly buzz! :grinning:


The wife works out that way , have been in that orchard cafe a few times. 1st time I can remember being at the dubs was the 82 Leinster final. As Offaly hockeyed us I thought this gaa lark is nt up to much. Got more into it the following year.


Where did you end up that year?


Hogan - I ve been spinning a lie for 35 years.


2hrs, lightweight, ours went on all day, with breaks for lunch and dinner!!!


Great post, @25AliveOh
Point of order, though. Barney’s equalising goal in the drawn game - I’m nearly certain it was Mullins to Hazeley (brilliant diagonal pass) and then Hazeley to Barney.
Hargo struggled big time that day in the first half against John Allen. John Allen later managed Cork to All-Ireland hurling glory.


We had to bring the harvest in…


The great days of the 70s and 80s following the Dubs around the country on the Mount Argus buses. There weren’t as many cars back then which left two options for travel, train where you were taking your life in your hands with fights on board leading to the Guards travelling on trains for a while, or the Fleet of well run double decker CIE buses that travelled from the Church in Mount Argus every match day to venues all around Leinster in the summer time.


Fr joe ran the buses did nt he. My mate shared a car with him in New York on the morning of the Ireland Italy game. They were trying to find a pub showing Dublin Kildare. Gas man apparently.


And Bang Bang shoots the buses!


Was at a wedding he did for a Dub footballer some time ago, his passion for the Dubs is up there with the best. Top man Fr Joe!


Still doing the altar boy gigs? Fair play.


Never knew Giggs was an altar boy!


He was no altar[quote=“Rochey, post:54, topic:3600, full:true”]
Never knew Giggs was an altar boy!

He was no altar boy. The carry on and jockeying that went on with him would make a big priest blush.


Its like this blogger read our minds. Marietta sandwiches. Beautiful.



Id say someone leaked the info from this site to the blogger with all the spies around :face_with_monocle:


They must of stolen a delorean as well and gone back in time. Last updated 2017! :grinning:


Woulda had you down as more of a Hilltop man @beeko

I’ll never forget the day I aced the 12th down there, did a soccer style knee slide off the side of the tee box…we all have our regrets I suppose…

Very fond memories of the KitKat tennis camps in Sainters too


Ah, I’d moved on to playing 9 holes in Deer Park by the time the Hilltop came along. :slight_smile: