Great Dublin Places to Visit - Part 1 Glasnevin Cemetery


Sadly, it’s not just at Christmas. My mother would never go in there on her own. She would also never carry a handbag when she went to tend my dads grave. All cemeteries have bad reputations for muggings & handbag snatching to a degree, but Glasnevin probably suffers more than most, due to it’s size & relative isolation of large parts of it. I’m usually pretty wary when I go in there & I always keep an eye out, as to who is near by, or how isolated my immediate surroundings are. Thankfully, my families graves are in the older section, that are fairly close to the areas that have a lot of passing foot traffic. But there are parts of it, that I definitely wouldn’t go into alone. Sad really…


Makes my blood boil.

People can’t go to pay their respects to family & friends without having to look over their shoulder.




There’s always an exception. :joy:


Agree! Did not come worse than that lad…


Didn’t realise the muggers still lurked :-1: … should be dropped into an open grave …


Anyone got a good place in Dublin (apart from your Granny’s) to visit and make it Part 2?


Some interesting stuff in this site.