GPS, tracking, technology and the curley finger


I think this would be more on Cullen’s end of things than Ray Boynes, I think Ray is more on the statistical/Tactical end of it (dartfish etc…) more so than the statistical/physiological end of things (gps etc…)
Either way I can tell you here and now lads, that there is more teams (in numerous sports) using these systems and not getting any return apart from analysis that’s left on a laptop somewhere, however there is a few who get great usage out of the systems and it makes a sizable difference.


he is but loves stats


34% of players said stats were of great benefit to them, the other 67% disagreed.


Whereas in Kilkenny, 8 out of 10 cats said…


8 out of 10 Tyrone players in 2008 preferred whiskers …


I was interviewed for a relatively good S&C position a few years ago, the manager in question was asking about pre-season and testing etc… he wanted to be able to seperate the players who were in better nick, and wanted extensive testing done, to the point there would be limited time to actually train/coach, we discussed it a fair bit and part of the conversation went like this,
Me: if I use a specific set of tests on some players (let’s say all the midfielders) then I work on an individual prescriptive programme on account of them results, let’s say the 3rd or 4th choice player progresses more than the 1st or 2nd choice player.
Who will you pick come match day?
Manager: I’ll still pick the 1st or 2nd choice player
Me: fair enough but why would we bother with extensive testing to the point you suggest?
Manager: Because clubs X, Y and Z do it.
Me: okey dokey,


Would anyone have any idea what GPS tracking system the Dublin team are using? Is it the Playertek ones?