Good News Stories


On one of the charges . On the other one it’s a maximum or 10 years


Given the regularity of concurrent sentences. I reckon he’ll serve about 7/8 years


We’ll see. The judge remanding him on bail on ‘humanitarian grounds’ while his daughter graduates does not fill me with confidence.


I don’t get that. She’s graduating in the States and he is not allowed to apply for a passport?!?! So he’s not allowed to go!


I would be amazed if Drumm did not jump bail. With his connections and money, he could get to a non-extradition country handy enough. He must have a serious pot of money put away by now.


Good news! I found an amazing stress buster video on YouTube!










Jesus !


Anne Marie Hayes on The Sunday Game! Christ!


Is that good news? Who is she? Was she the bald one beside the girl?


Good man Dub! She is the eye candy!


Christ! That train was going very fast considering there were also alot of rail workers by the tracks



Good to see this hasn’t been covered over again!


So shooting somebody with a machine gun is “negligence”? The NRA would love the Brits.