Good News Stories


Just thought I’d put this up, Littlepace Butchers in Clonee awarded best butcher by 98 FM. The butchers was founded by my cousin Mick Dunne. Mick passed away earlier this year from a sudden heart attack, which devastated us all. He hurled for Eoghan Ruadh most of his career, and when they amalgamated with Plunketts to form OPER, he then joined Setanta for a few years.

RIP big man fitting tribute.


Fair play Liam fitting tribute indeed.


That is class. :rofl:


Deadly! (buzz)


It’s been a great achievement, well done to all who have done the (mostly unseen, unheralded) work.


Has he got an additional 6 months on top of the year he got in April…


Excellent news. Fook him


A talented football player? Well ■■■■ that … If that’s the case well I was definitely county standard! Good enough for him. He deserves more


What’s a Parnells GAA pass?

Is that like an open cheque book that you can ‘buy’ washed up footballers with?

And he’s teaching numeracy :see_no_evil:


There’s still more to come too. Fucker


Wanker :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


Seen the article in the indo and was wondering was her our old friend.

As stated before, I tried it on with me over PM here before for All Ireland tickets.

Hopefully he gets the help he needs with his addiction, sounds like he lost everything.


Presume its concurrent. So its a pointless sentence.



We’ll hear stories of his “previous good character”, “never before the courts before”, etc…


Garlic Man was sent down for 6 years. Hopefully Drum gets something similar


Will be interesting to see what sentence he gets.


Drumm snared!




Two hours of community service and there hail marys? Read somewhere that there is no upper limit to the sentence he could receive.