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Brilliant story.


Love it…could imagine my boys pestering me the whole time to log on to the computer to see where it is!!! Cracking bit of parenting!


Yep… beats Xbox or PlayStation anytime.


That is just brilliant!




Cheers unbelievable, nice post. The comments were an added bonus, such genuine people. Here’s one comment that stood out from a fellow author :
“My father used to ring me from bookshops whenever he saw my book on the shelves. ‘I’m just moving it to a more prominent position’.”


Could be a similar story for any Irish person who emigrated. I like these .


That is just fantastic.


Cheers @Unbelievable good story.




Good riddance. Hopefully he dies behind bars


"BREAKING: European Union member states have voted to ban pesticides associated with killing bees."
This move is a long time coming and hopefully not too little too late. For mankind and future generations it might be an event that they look back to as the start of something great.


This is great news and all down to the Bee Movie!!

Take a bow Barry!!




And Rochey was right- the sun came back to visit! Enjoy the weekend lads!:sunglasses:



Happy 20th Anniversary to peace in the north!


About time :clap: