Good News Stories






■■■■ , it finally caught up with him.


How long will he serve? 3 months? 6?


7 or 8 I’d say, it’s usually 1/3 remission I think


Will he be a mammy or a daddy in jail?


Probably won’t be able to get me tickets for the Roma game now !!!


5 or 6 months I reckon. You have the 1/3 remission which for some reason is automatic :roll_eyes: then you take into account lack of spaces in the prisons which means out on early release to free up space


Tis but the tip of the iceberg, more to come for him I believe.


No sympathy for him but can you imagine how terrifying prison must be?
Don’t envy him…


Takes a special kind of person to think he’d get away with what he was doing . He’ll be in good company in there .


Don’t envy him at all, but you reap what you sow. He will be in the low risk area of the prison, not with the hardened thugs. He’ll get the handy jobs working in the kitchens etc. I did have to laugh at the lawyer defending him saying he was a talented Gaelic footballer!!! :smile:

All in all, it was a sordid affair from the start, he took his own club, his friends and family and lots more for thousands. He’s a common thief. I hope he has to pick up the bar of soap for Leroy in the showers!


Thought Leroy dislocated his shoulder ?


There is usually an underlying (sic) issue here - drink, drugs, gambling, etc. Any of these at play here?


He’s used all those excuses at different time


But he’s not living in a mansion or driving a Beemer - so what was he feeding?


So so good to see - well done all


Now thats a good news story!


According to the story, gambling. However, back in the day, we had a tips thread and he never contributed to it. In fact, I don’t think he even viewed it that often.

To be honest, if I looked out and saw it was raining, and he told me it was raining, I still wouldn’t believe it. The most untrustworthy CyounextTuesday I ever met. He took too many I know for a ride.