Good News Stories



Or as Luke might have said Howia !


In heuston station getting a coffee and a lad on the piano belting out a lovely ballad. Could sit there fir hours listening to him. Thank God for music. God’s greatest creation after the Dubs.


“Midnight train to Tuam”


Airfrier just got one and made my first batch of chips. I’m so fucking happy. ■■■■ Kerry. ■■■■ pug boy. ■■■■ all the begrudgers I’ve got more chips than you!


The airfrier is unreal! There is nothing you cannot cook in it, spart from scrambled eggs!


Slap your knob on it and report back.


It doesnt fit footlong. I would have to go into Sub Way for that!


Rejection as usual. I bet you it’s from the Southside.


A bloke I know bought his granny one and a few days later called to see her and she had her head stuck in it. She thought he said hair-drier.


They are not bad to be fair, but wait until you taste chips from the chipper after eating air fried ones!


Hopefully they take this fucker for every penny he has


With this much money I’d give most of it away to me. But holyshit what a windfall.


I certainly wouldn’t be broadcasting that I had won it. Every gang in the country would be putting you and your family under surveillance.


True! been from blanch I could imagine a tiger kidnapping going in my family twice a day.


And that’s just the political parties.


I’d hand 20m to the DCB just to see Pugman explode


Sold in the Naul I see but word has it it’s a syndicate from Duleek -so De royals will be back:grinning:


Getting sent home from work early because of a burst pipe :grin::grin: