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I assume I’m alone in thinking he was a brutal singer :white_flag::white_flag::white_flag::white_flag::hugs:


Yes, either that or you’re trying to wind people up. :slight_smile:
Sang with great clarity and diction. Rasping voice and an unequivocal accent when singing, also.


No one sings Raglan Road like him for starters.


… nor “Scorn Not His Simplicity”, “The Town I Loved so Well”, “Blooming Heather”, “The Rare Ould Times”, “The Sun is in the West”… that bloody list would be endless.


That’s a serious breach of the Dub charter.


Sometimes I listen to criticism of Luke Kelly but it don’t matter if it’s @Black_and_White.



@Rochey does a fantastic version to be fair, especially on an all day session the day after winning the All Ireland for the first time in 16 years…


No shit.

That’s allowed stand, but puns (of exceptional wit and erudition) get insta-deleted?




Alone and ostracized!


Genuinely wasn’t trying to wind up, I knew in advance I would be the only one who wasn’t a fan that’s why I put the white flag up


Remove yourself from Dublin immediately. Reside in Kerry or Mordor or (dare I say it) Cork asap. You will learn a thing or two about his greatness, bless you!


Scorn not his simplicity.
(The poor, misguided feckin’ eegit.)
But rather try to love him all the more.



The mouth is all wrong.


… too easy … too easy


I like that one. Jaysus how many are there??


Had a look at it earlier, it looks well.


That Boris Johnson with the woolly hat on?


Well done to all. Though these poor unfortunate folk always seem to be getting involved in motor incidents.