Good News Stories


We do a bit of work up in Ikea and they were telling me they’re not opening up any more of the huge stores worldwide. Supposedly Amazon have started opening alot smaller type stores that are taking lot of business. So maybe 10 years down the line the pain of Ikea will be over :joy::joy:


I was in there for the first time on Saturday and made it out alive too, hellish place, would be funny to watch all the little rows going on with the couples if I wasn’t having one with the missus myself


i hate the place - even when i use to be working northside so could pop in on the way home from work , know exactly what i needed to pick up so no walking around looking at shit.

if i go now , i just go with the flow - that means i can enjoy everyone else arguing


The good old Swedes. Gave us two annoying four letter things that end in A.


Boy did he pick on the wrong woman :rofl:


800 mil straight away. Sure if I tool the 60 mil a year I’d be dead in a few years anyway. Might as well get the most out of it. Why would you need any more than 800mill anyway??


Sure 800 mill would barely keep our Snr footballers in avocado toast and spray tans for a year, if Pugboy is to be believed. :roll_eyes:


What an odd concept.


Ja. You got me there.


Excellent work lads



The Mrs Rectaltude had a couple of interesting ‘deliveries’ when she was working as a paramedic. I was more terrified listening to the stories than she was dealing with them!



They had a yoke like that running over and back from the Cill Airne when PwC moved down there first (before the SB bridge was finished) but it was stopped. A gust of wind and it didn’t run.


A bit like Adam Lallana.


About fucking time

Disgrace it’s taken this long to honour the great man.


That may be … let’s just enjoy and appreciate them now eh?


They did name a bridge after him in fairness so it’s not like they never recognised him.


Indeed but still think it shouldn’t have taken this long for a statue IMO.