Good News Stories


If we hear Armagh footballers are going professional for 2019 then it’s Rufus. #MealsonWheelsjustlikethedubs


They celebrated with “a hug and a nice cup of tea.”

Jesus, I’ll be very surprised - not to mention a tad disappointed - if that really is him.


Good grief, I’m not sure I’d be wanting that amount of winnings broadcast - especially in Armagh (no offence, @Rufus_T_Firefly). How many armalites or AK47’s could that have bought, back in the day?


Some lucky hoor in N Carolina won $1.2 billion in their Powerball lotto over yonder.

His choice was a once off $800 million, lump sum payment (tax free) or $60 million every year for 20 years. But if he dies before the 20 years are up, the payments stop. They don’t go to his heirs. The money he already received does, just not the future payments.

How in the name of God do you even decide which one to take?

We wasted a good hour in the office today arguing about it.


Take the 800 lump sum and do a lot of good with it. Jaysus, I’d even throw you lot a party with a goody bag.

And then I’d donate 20 million to Dublin GAA to watch pug ■■■■ face go into meltdown.


Does donating 20 million squids to Dublin GAA & giving Pugboy an even bigger ulcer, not already count as “doing a lot of good” ? :thinking:


Pure golden hurleys for our lads…


Not much use unless you cough up for bionic whristy wrist transplants too.

Act-shully…while you’ve the wallet out…

A bargain at a mere 6 million, no?


Great name for a billionaire golfer…


What is, Lee Majors? :smile:


Yep. Golden golf clubs too of course, and hair and tan to match. Ego bigger than JR Ewing and Trump put together, I think it would be great for the game… :grinning:


with that amount - be taking the 800 million


Generations of families changed forever more.
Nice one


You’re much too kind my friend. I did win a fiver on a scratchcard over Christmas…:persevere:

Don’t mind telling you that there were a few missing from our normal Thursday night footy, and each one missing was suspected of being the recipient. No such luck though - it would have made for a great Christmas do in eleven months or so!!


Or a new set of anti-aircraft batteries!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good news story I made it up and out of IKEA in one piece place was mental. You’d swear they where giving the stuff away.


Funny enough I think Ikea have a bit of competition on the way. Similar sort of store opening here I think i.e just another place to have a row with the missus


Still never been. Heard too many horror stories.


One opening in navan… don’t think it will be as big as IKEA. In fairness it’s not to bad just fecking mental busy.


Just stay away from the hotdogs and you’ll be fine. Sort off.