Good News Stories


It took 25 firefighters to “battle” a giant chocolate spill at a chocolate factory?

Like hell it did ! :joy:


Like the great Dublin whiskey spill in the 1800’s


you working that day ?


Smart arse! :smile:


13 died as a result of the fire that caused it but none from the flames or smoke inhalation - they actually died from alcohol poisoning from drinking the flowing whiskey!.


The Flowing Tide?


No free whiskey in there!! :grin:



What a prick :no_mouth:





Great stuff. All the best to The Panther


Great to see him out & about.


Hansard has gotten back in my good books after that.



I love the fact that most people walk by oblivious to the fact that this is one of their city and county’s greatest people, ever.

And I don’t mean Glen H.


Anyone seen @Rufus_T_Firefly😁


I’d love if it was @Rufus_T_Firefly. He was always my favourite poster here. Great guy, great music taste and a Leeds fan too. If he was the winner I would have no problem PMing him my bank details. Just saying.


Don’t hold your breath, if he has the same taste in friends as he does in football teams. :blush: