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Somebody tell Bohemians … or is it too late?

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Think I have something in my eye


I was on having a nosey when I came across a computer shop in Fairview giving away a refurbished laptop to a charity. I really thought that was a great idea. It got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if folk where to take their old laptops and install cloud OS on them throw a bit of ram or whatever and give them to kids (as in young teenagers for school) that don’t have a lot. Be a wonderful to see oldish technology refurbished and reused. Cloud OS is a very light version of Android / Chrome OS. It works wonderfully on older machines. Just a thought.

They could use it to learn coding etc… help them with school.


Shout out to the Leinster House Ushers Union members who gave over their Christmas Party / Gifts etc to dedicate their night out to Brother Kevin and raised over €3,000 for the most worthy of causes.


Far better than any tokenistic wearing of a poppy on a football jersey.
I wonder if news media outlets in Stoke and Birmingham be making this story known to their local communities?


Good news for Rochey, I am starting my new Job Monday. The Gardening leave is not all that its made out to be.


Nice one -
didn’t even realise Mothercare were looking for a bouncer. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the new job and best wishes.


Your (gritted) teeth look well.


None whatsoever. Nice bloke. We disagree on something fundamentally and he accused me of something I disagree with absolutely. Still a decent bloke. I don’t see the man any different. He may.


I have no issue with rochey apart from him calling me a nice bloke, that’s a low blow even for me.

I didn’t accuse you of anything, things may have been implied by the way the discussion developed and got heated. I’m happy to appologies for my part, reading back I did make an initial assumption you were pulled in by the Robinson stuff, as I had been reading about his tactics to attack the boy on another platform.


Think I’m going to throw up


But wait a minute… has he no choice but to hit low blows as your your 5ft 2 or at a push 5ft 3? Sorry all this aggro and he said they said, just trying to get a clearer picture. (So I can place my bet accordingly at the death match)



Some random person just donated 400e to my marathon fundraiser account.


Fair play @Rochey :+1:


@Rochey is one decent skin …