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Yep. I know very few who do these days. In the past there was alot more of a class and status thing, not nearly so much these days, in my experience.

That’s not to say that most people don’t want to have access to more wealth etc, but that doesn’t equate to judging people based on how much they have. And alot of us have been guilty of judging people who are wealthier than us…


Oh , OK , that settles that point then…


If you say so…


Well , you generally throw out the lazy analysis comment when you disagree with someone’s point . Its not lazy , its an opinion…


I was talking about the people who judge or look down on people because of their relative wealth etc. I’m saying they are using a lazy view of what really matters in life if they do that


And in your particular circle you know of very little who use wealth as a measurement for success in life . That must be nice . Not a pop at you but must be a utopian existence because i know of very little people like that .
Was involved in another discussion where the topic was the placement of a drug dependency clinic in Finglas . I think its beside the swimming pool . But the person was talking about they were looking for the right location for it . She said there’s no way people in a more affluent area like Castleknock would allow to open there because it drop house prices where it was built . I’m sure though there’s no drug problems out there .
They don’t mix in the same circles , drug issues are only a concern for the poor apparently.
Couldn’t be having an eyesore like that out there …


No utopian existence, I come across a large and wide cross section of people in my life and work, maybe it’s more of an age-group thing, I don’t know. There are without doubt either lazy or somewhat ignorant or misinformed attitudes to wealth and social class out there still, plenty of them. But IMO it’s alot less than when I was younger, for example it’s widely accepted now that drugs and family breakdown and/or other domestic social problems are widespread across social strata, if that term can even be used anymore, whereas in my experience 20-30 years ago and before it was widely thought to be mainly an issue for lower social class areas.


From my experience, if you have money behind you , your misdemeanors don’t carry the same weight.Or to put it another way , not frowned upon the same way . A person with a drug problem in Dalkey would be looked at very differently than a person with a drug problem in say Ballymun. There is devide in perceptions . And it’s linked with wealth .


Is it really that simple…loads of money versus less money?

I would have said it was more nuanced than that. Some people make good choices in their lives & they reap the benefits of them. Some people don’t and their life and life style is impacted as a result.

Some people are born into an environment where good choices are the norm and are expected. Their good choices are facilitated & encouraged by parents who made similar good choices. Other people are born into an environment where everything - even something as basic as getting an education - is an uphill battle.

But we are all human beings with free will at the end of the day & if I am going to judge some one (we all do it, if we are honest) it’ll be more on the choices they made their lives and not the amount of money they have in the bank, even if there is often a strong correlation between the two.


That’s still true, it’s still the case that some areas are looked down on, no doubt about it. But it has changed a bit. People used to think everything was grand in places like Dalkey, not any more. Unless you’re a Cuala fan…


Agree with you 99.99%


Class photo !!


This is bloody brilliant - wait til you see the boys 17 seconds in … great story!


Great little lads :relaxed:

Hope the Meath CB do something for them as well


I allowed use of my moniker for free.


Great to see you putting a positive spin on things.


Brilliant pic. Harpo’s biography is a great read


I’m guessing the parent/s are the problem here. I always just got on with it … every year …


Thanks to our Brexit friends I just got offered a new job. After 15 years it hard leaving where I am but the 50% increase softens the blow. :grin:


Well done. PR for Trump?