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It’s a pity they are still alive to post this. Vile bastards


Was hoping to see them trampled to death :roll_eyes:



Way to go Ethiopia ! :ethiopia: :ethiopia: :ethiopia:


Canada is 50% too IIRC


The world needs more of this.


Ireland would be a good place to start (in Europe) but I’m not holding my breath. :roll_eyes:


I dunno, there are quite a few female politicians in Ireland who are as bad as their male counterparts.


I shall not rest until there is a woman running the country, who is just as inept, unimaginative and useless as her male counterparts. :crazy_face:


In fairness, the only party who is doing something about equality is Sinn Fein!!


…snorts…I’d be hoping for something a little better than what that mob have to offer. And I’d prefer not to ‘disappear’ while doing so.


I knew you’d snort but you can’t take it from them!


Surprised not to hear the PC howls of primal rage about that sort of thing. :shushing_face:


I do believe that there are huge pressures to conform to what is seen as pc. I believe that the rich, who own and control the media, define and drive what is seen as pc, for their own good. For example migration suits them as it drives down wages and spreads quasi-slavery. Therefore saying anything about the numbers involved, is unacceptable. So yes, I rage against neoliberalism and the forces trying to control our thoughts and actions. That is not to say that I am in favour of inequality. It galls me deeply to see nurses and childcare workers for example, being so poorly paid. These unfairnesses have to be tackled.


Reasonable points. I worked in the health sector and up until the austerity measures I was very fairly paid. Then we lost 27% of our income and with no hope of selling our home to reduce debt. Like lots of people. Not quite as bad as those who lost nearly everything of course! I still wouldn’t have complained much except for where I saw and still see resources being pissed away.
As regards inequality with ‘the rich’, that will always be the way, waste of energy and breath raging against it. Lots of ‘rich’ people also do alot of good with their wealth. It’s waste that is the biggest issue IMO and that goes for us all in this era and world of throwaway everything.


The problem is that there has been a massive transfer of wealth to the 1%. They are sociopaths and care little for the rest of us, or for the environment. They are destroying the planet as we speak, so we cannot really afford to say nothing.


Had an interesting conversation about this in work . It involved two people chatting about how they can get by on so little . One had a loss of earnings due to having to leave her job due to an illness. She is unable to work anymore . The other is barely making ends meet due to poor pay .
The first said that while she went out & bettered herself by studying , not going out & putting herself through college for 7 years to get a high paying job , the other was out partying & she is in that position now because she wasn’t interested in higher education .
Yet both are now in the same position financially . But if the first hadn’t gotten sick , I’d say she wouldn’t care too little for the one who has the low paying job .The rich don’t care because they look down on others who are beneath them when your measured in life by what’s in your bank account .


There’s a % of ‘sociopaths’ in every sector of society. That’s just natural order. You cannot absolve any of us from responsibility for the waste and despoiling in the world, we all make choices that contribute. It’s been shown again and again that revolution does not equally distribute wealth, never does and never will. Just shifts on to the next natural order where a small % will always in some way have alot of wealth/power etc.

The actual issue above all, apart from the basic fact of human nature, is that the dominant form(s) of society define(s) the way the majority of things are dealt with. I think that is currently in a process of change but to what?


I’d say very very few people actually do that. Only lazy analysis or rather selective analysis and perspective of what really matters. And of course power and wealth corrupt to some extent. Media can manipulate and drive certain agendas, advertising of course sells the images of what it wants people to see as desirable, necessary, ‘essential’ etc but all of that is still fundamentally driven by human nature, the drive to always have something ‘better’, the latest ‘thing’, ‘keep up with the neighbours’, and so on.

Can you change human nature?


Do what exactly , judge people by what’s in their bank account ?