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There is nobody from a different race mentioned in the article!


sneaky hour ye!


I know! I just cannot stand people messing with disabled or special needs supports.


I hear you brother. A neighbour of mine parked across not 1, but 2 disabled parking spots over in Omni one day. I reared up on him. He told me to relax that he was only running in for a minute. I was fuming. I waited out side and read the riot act to him when he came back out. He now no longer says hello to me anymore! F*ck him, don’t need assholes like that as neighbours you rely on!

I subsequently deliberately blocked him in to a parking spot over there a few months later when I saw his car! I went for a leisurely coffee in Starbucks and watched him as he paced up and down outside. He went and got security in Omni and they announced my registration. When I went back to the car, he was livid. I told him to relax, that I was only gone in for a few minutes. I think he got the message. He now not only doesn’t say hello to me, he doesn’t even walk by my house any more!


Legend! Fair play.


Ha… Read the story. I get the picture, now.


If this is her, shes very unfortunate when it comes to cars!!!


Is it enough to build a stable?


That’s a lot of accidents…

“How is the patient?


Knew before I clicked on the link she was going to be a member of a certain nomadic community


20 grand for a wonky toilet seat? Where do the judges pull these figures out of?


I think you mean ethnic minority.


Lads why are we digging up this stuff on a Friday evening. Is it to piss us all off heading into the weekend??


Nah it’s to remind us how lucky we are that we don’t have these kind of accidents all the time


Just as I long suspected, men really are bleedin’ useless. :crazy_face:


Ffs are ye men or mice


Hmmm… Who will yis nag at now?


They’ll turn their nagging on themselves and disappear into a vaccumous Space-Time portal. Or summ’it


G’wan the Elephants


Jamesy tweeted his disgust at this earlier.