Good News Stories


i flew back last Thursday, was jsut waiting for some ■■■■ to video and upload it to

I was 4 days (in a row) drinking pints at that stage so they could go and ■■■■ themselves.


I served a tour of three days and nights madness in Germany, followed by three weeks on the sauce in Dublin (and Celbridge). I saw many crazy things. Some of them probably even happened!


Never disturb aul lads when they’re watching the racing


Your man diving under the table :joy::joy:


Holy ■■■■ that oul lad was a Hardy fucker


He was. And as this is Ireland, the scrotes will probably sue him & the shop for damages. They’ll get them too. :roll_eyes:


His horse was after winning and was afraid the shop would have no money to pay him out!!!


* Sad Trombone *


Different angle of that aul lad who’s 85 going on 86 :open_mouth:

Fair fucks to him


He gets my vote for President.



Doing the perp walk


Thought he was untouchable , scumbag.



Doubt it will keep that woman off the road


It will hit her insurance, though?


Only if …


What’s insurance sir?


You’re all being racist. Sir