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And so, so wrong.


Kind of get the feeling that the Mayo Co Board did not want Rochford to continue but maybe the players let it be known they wanted him to. Possibly for reasons well speculated here. Given the Ladies cluster***k (albeit clearly separate) the last thing the MCB needed was a similar scenario. Nobody in Mayo would have thanked them for that so SR may be lucky in his timing. It could be the CB will try to block selectors or leave it a month or two to see if an opportunity arises.


Oh what a shame John…


Remanded in custody till Sept 4th … his AI ticket is up for grabs so!


Please tell me he’s not a fan.


When did he get released ?


He’s out a couple of years now … he’s been busy … fighting in the courts to retain Jessbrook Equestrian Centre (he failed) … He’s been shot a few times … zipping around the place in a wheelchair … claiming job seekers allowance … apparently he’s a great man for his facebook posts, according to one reporter last week he posted the letter of refusal for job seekers from social welfare recently…


Should’ve thrown away the key.



Fat Freddie found guilty of Murder

Adios you scumbag. He’ll be in Prison for at least 14 years before he has a realistic chance of parole


Lovely clip. They used to live across from me ma. So glad to see she is doing so well


Heart MELTED !!!

Check out @SJPeace’s Tweet:


Someone’s chopping onions in here again



Putting pianos in train stations was an absolute brilliant idea, I just enjoyed 20min of great music.


Did you get a bunt up onto the stool?


I got on someone’s shoulders why.


Ah no. Two ■■■■■ playing ukuleles and singing in the queue to board the plane in frankfurt last week. No fucking thanks


It’s nice to see a pianist exhibiting at the train station for a change alright …



Think I was there!

You one of the Shams mob?