Good News Stories


Some of the hardiest bucks I know from my own club played a bit of hockey in the off season. They didn’t go to private schools either! I wouldn’t have called it an elitist sport at all, despite it being not as common as the other codes that most schools play!


Cool @TheParish thanks for that. Played football out of there for a good few years from its inception!


They represent the island, something I’m sure you have never had the privilege to do.


World cup final it is!!!


Jaysus … George Hamilton … Peter Collins. Looks like we’ve finally got our own 1966 … not sure it’s good tbh …


It’s fan-fukin-tastic is what it is. The lowest ranked team in the tournament. What a fantastic achievement. Absolutely chuffed for them and very proud of them representing our country at the top table! Maith sibh.

As a life long fan of the Dutch ladies team though, it does create a small dilemma tomorrow! :blush:




It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, hockey’s coming home…!


Congrats to the laaaaadies, brilliant stuff, amazing achievement.




Once at under age athletics actually!.

Fair play to them.


The McGeoughs own the CherryTree in Walkinstown too.


I’m on holidays for two weeks. Good news story for me anyway.


Going to Tyrone I suppose?


And us … :wink:


You’ll still have Ohm.


Watt do you mean?


Rumour has it, yes, while sporting this fetching little number



Oh good Jebus!
That’s an assault on my nationalist sensibilities!


Is that Billy Wright?