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Fair play to him. Brother in law was in his late forties when diagnosed. Does his best with it has good and bad spells.


Some achievement for the girls alright. As a person that played hockey for years I’m allowed on this bandwagon so move over


Protestant hurling.


Another Ireland’s Call brigade.

Serious achievement by them, in fairness. From what I hear, they should have a great chance of beating Spain. The other semi-final, apparently, bears all the hallmarks of being the real final.


That’s it, A private school elite game played by the few, the tricolour and anthem are not present at these games, do they represent the country?

A good photo opportunity for Lord Ross and rest of the silver spoons to jump on the bandwagon.

It will be forgotten about in a couple of weeks.


We had a hockey pitch in our secondary school in Tallaght - far from private.
i played it in first year but then got kicked off the team as there was an U14 GAA match on the same time as the hockey - those who played both had their names put in a hat and drawn out - i was told to play the hockey match - i said no i wont be playing that over Football.

Alas my hockey career was ended and i had to concentrate on soccer and football to get the half days from school.


Manor House in Raheny (one of the closest Girls’ school to where I was raised) isn’t a private school yet had its hockey. I think the Holy Rosary school on Springdale Road(no longer there) also had a hockey pitch.
A somewhat minority sport in Ireland but, nonetheless, a great achievement for the squad and management involved and the sport itself. I also think it’s great to see the whole island competing as one at sport against vastly bigger countries.


No private schools in Skerries either… or Donabate/Portrane for that matter, but sure you keep telling yourself its a protestant game if it makes you feel better

Played on the pitch beside the secondary school many times. Glenanne were the best team around when I was playing, loved going up there as I always knew I was gonna be busy in the goals, they had a lad playing for them at the time that I think was the Irish captain. Unreal short corners, very rarely got near any of them


Dessie Farrell a very keen hockey player, also - wasn’t he?


We played it in Chanel

Which is a fair cry from a private school


But about as posh as it comes in D5.


For an “elite” sport they have spent a fair bit of time whining about resources on the radio.

Not that that should take away from their achievement. Fair dues to them.


How many of these players went to the schools mentioned above ?


What does it matter?

Just like it hardly matters that Ger Brennan, Jack McCaffrey, Cian O’Sullivan, Dean Rock and Michael Daragh McAuley (and probably a few others that I’m forgetting) all went to “posh” private schools.

They represent Dublin & that’s good enough for me.


Yes he was very good. Ignorant cock though. We always had a tough match against Portrane and believe it or not there were digs thrown a few times, yes, still talking about hockey here. Anyway, one time we were playing them a few years ago, Dessie was well finished playing football and togged out for them. One of our lads playing midfield was is always getting stuck in, was doing his usual taking lads out here and there. Dessie obviously just had enough and lined him up for a shoulder and took him clean out of the game. If it was GAA it would have been applauded, but I think he got sent off for it. Went up to shake hands with him after the game and he wouldn’t shake hands with any of our team. Cock


I think one of the Wexford hurling team from '96 played hockey with whatever club Farrell played at the same time.


Dessie played for Brendan’s Grangegorman - with my cousins. They played to a high level and their kids even played - one was particularly good and played for one on the more knobby clubs and the lad couldn’t have been more working class. While mostly a CoI sport there was always a huge tradition of hockey in our psychiatric hospitals - not sure of the exact genesis of that. Jason Sherlock also played a bit. Martin Storey did too. A belt of a hockey ball of a November morning was always to be avoided. O’Dowds was the clubhouse - a grand spot!


Had a feeling it was Martin Storey. Although I was thinking also Larry O’Gorman though he’d have been more likely a patient in Grangegorman!
Did Martin Storey work in one of the psychiatric hospitals?


Think I heard tale of that.


Aye he worked in the 'Gorman - not sure if he’s still at it. I think he was stood as a Labour candidate in the local elections in Wexford.