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Was in there 2 weeks ago €5:90 a pint :open_mouth: I left after 1 went to a pub near it €4:90


Jaysus! Go over to Gerry and Alan across the road in Teds!


yeah good spot & the lads are very nice


Is that McGeoughs ? Nice pub and well run, some really strange people in there. Maybe dub09 and his chums!


Well it is Phibsboro …

Know the boys well - two gents!


The Boh is a decent old school boozer with an interior that if the Clontarfians, Glasnaions or Castleknockers/Ashtowners got a hauld of the place it would be ruined as a boozer.



The Boh … Mooney

The Parnell … Mooney …

Abbey Mooney … jeeze memories


Awful allegations being made there! It sounds like we need a new thread about your favourite Boozer!


After the 2011 final, (in which Dublin beat Kerry by 1-12 to 1-11 if I remember correctly), the Bohemian was the first port of many. Free sambos and great pints, everyone singing. It should be in the underrated thread.


Don’t forget the Earl Mooney…


New thread started lads!


No!! Ah nooooo, it doesn’t exist, it’s not a pub at all, forget it, nothing to see here.


More of this please and prosecutions for attempted fraud


Time to start a hockey bandwagon thread?


I think we are doing great - I am so proud of us!

Mahatma, Indira, Sanjay, Sonia Gandhis - your girls took a hell of a beating.

Some achievement for a country with just the odd rink. C’mon Ireland! It’s a game of three halves.



Brother in law has it. It can be very very hard on them.


Why not, we did have lots of posts about the Netherlands ladies hockey team some years ago but can’t remember exactly why …


Dad had it. Kept very active. Good physio(once he could get referral) and a good geriatrician at Beaumount helped alot. He was diagnosed 10-15 years before he died and was still cycling age 85. This with heart disease, strokes, and only had one lung since he was about 25!