Good News Stories


Brady will be around for another couple of years. Hope they bring Doyle on to the panel on a more regular basis now. Really impressed me as a pundit during the WC


The time had come. The original panel of Giles, Brady and Dunphy with Bill was great but it all feels dated now.

Duff, Dunne, Sadlier etc are the way forward, a refreshing change.


Would rather Sadlier fucked off as well. He’s a Dunphy wannabe


Ha, okay.


One of the few good things Dunphy ever did was torpedo attempts by a certain CEO of the FAI and two particular journalists to try and put Terry Venables into the Ireland job after Staunton


Dunphy lined up for the Sunday Game instead of Spillane according to my Donnybrook mole.


2 Millwall rejects as well :joy::joy:


He did the state some service.


There is a new Sheriff in RTE Sport and it is said that he is a fan of youth and also very PC. If they try to oust Brolly I will write them a sternly worded letter.


Should get Bernard Dunne on the panel with Richard. Could call it Shooting Stores…

Good riddance Dumpy. Sadlier is junior Gilesy, miserable git.


On my way into work this morning, the bus drove past a van for an air conditioning company. The name of the company : Con Air! (presumably they don’t employ Nicolas Cage!)
That’s up there with the carpet company called Lino Richie! :sunglasses:


If that fella not in prison in Leeds?!

(Sorry - I couldn’t resist!)


And what about the plumbing company, U-benders?


Schindler’s Lifts



Yeah, another good one! They were the lift maintenance company for my job when I first started there.


There was a pub in Phibsboro once called Doyle’s


Was it on the corner? :sunglasses:

And wasn’t there a hair salon called Scissor Sisters?


Hair today, gone tomorrow?


How about this one…seen it on m50 a while back