Good News Stories


I’m off until Monday week :grin:


That’s class. Didn’t realise they walked him to the bench for photographs.

At times like that you feel blessed to have your kids health.


There’s always one, stealing the limelight.


Mad money to implement, but the science behind it makes sense, if not cents!


I think I got something in my eye.

That’s my experience of them anyway. I’d say they never see their mots…

Absolutely. I give out to be Jeysus about my kids behaviour at times, but we really are a very lucky family.

And to add to the good news theme. Off over to London early next week to stay with some in-laws and bring the eldest fella to an Arsenal game. He doesn’t know. He won’t find out until we arrive at the stadium… Might just make a video of that. His real heroes are the Dubs team, but it’s normalised by him bumping into the lads all the time, whereas the Arsenal lads are only visible on the big screen and idolised by Sky. This could be epic!


Sounds cool…go for it. As someone said to me, it’s all about memories.

And bring a few extra quid for the souvenir shop. Meant to be a great stadium.

Been to Anfield a few times and great for young ones.

But Arsenal!?? I feel your pain Rochey…I feel your pain


Sadly it’s all down to the fact that Niall Quinn played minor hurling for Dublin… The ■■■■■■■!


When my young lad is acting up I always threaten to bring him to see Arsenal … he doesn’t be long wising up …


One of my brothers supports Leeds, he always says to him, forget Arsenal, they’re on the slide. You should support Leeds. My lad always replies with “who are Leeds”… It really is a generational thing!

I remember Leeds great teams, challenging for leagues, in the champions league etc. Doesn’t seem so long ago! That’s why I’m a bit afraid of losing Wenger… The divil you know…

F*ck you Niall Quinn!!!


As a Leeds man I obviously had to work hard on my lad. I regaled him with tales of Revie, Lorimer, Cooper, Bremner, Giles, the Grays, Charlton, Mick Jones and Sniffer Clarke.

He supports Man City.


Was he too old to support Tony Yeboah?


It’d take more than one young lad to support Tony!


Ian Harte?

They were all kids…


He wasn’t light …


Some goals though!


A character


Deadly reliving this again, I remember my mother telling me about it back on the day.

Dublin ingenuity at its very best


Heard the documentary on radio today, very enjoyable and great characters. Especially the bit when they were talking about using the phrase “bonking on the train” meaning to travel without paying a phrase I’m not sure is used anymore but I remember it being used not only for that but also in relation to skipping school, to bonk off.


Was bunk in my days .Maybe that’s just how the kids pronounced it where I was from .


Now that you say it, trying to decide was it bunking or bonking. From memory I’m thinking you would say “are you going on the bonk?” And you would say " I bunked off yesterday " . I open to correction though.