Good News Stories


Hope they don’t split Dublin in two. Two lads might be against other.


They weren’t spice bags. Just a shit load of chicken wings! Great memories all the same


Slow but positive steps



Went well I must say. He nearly a heart attack after Dublin’s 1st goal. The combination of having a perfect view for it , Dublin scoring a goal and people around us cheering scared the bejesus out of him :joy:

Have to educate him on a few things. He thought it was normal to applaud both teams scores. Nipped that shut in the bud immediately:-)


Your lucky… my 4 year old likes about 7 trips to the jacks to check out the handdryers and a walk from 1 end of the hogan to the other because he doesnt like the look of the “chipper”




Delighted for him. A superb footballer, nearly lost his leg after post surgery infection too. Really sad to see him finish up with Arsenal as I loved watching him play.


Jaysus 21 months…
I get in trouble if I’m out past midnight.


Ah that’s a nice present for Santi.





Who hasn’t had the aul naughty grab in a tight space before??

Sexual battery???


I thought a sexual battery was one used for d’oul vibrator!


The classiness in this place just continues to spread across the threads …



Remember this guy who became a meme from Ancient Aliens :joy:


Dunphy announces he is leaving RTE after 40 years!




Just leaves Brady now as the senior analyst .
Wonder how long before he’s shunted out the door .